Bride on a Budget? Here’s How You Can Slash The Cost of Your Big Day

Bride on a Budget? Here's How You Can Slash The Cost of Your Big Day
The cost of weddings are rising, and for most of us it will be one of the most expensive days of our lives. While it’s an extremely special day, you might not have the means or inclination to spend a fortune on it, and so if you want to get married but bring down the cost, here are just a few ideas.

Go With Cheaper Rings

Bride on a Budget? Here's How You Can Slash The Cost of Your Big Day

Your engagement ring would have been a significant cost to your partner, have a look at how much should you spend on an engagement ring if you’re wondering just how much. However the wedding rings really don’t need to cost as much. Simple, plain bands made of gold, white gold or silver need only cost a couple of hundred pounds each at the most. It will still last you forever but will free up cash to be used elsewhere in the wedding. Another way to make money is to sell your used gold jewelries to the best place to sell gold jewellery Adelaide.

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Grow Your Own Flowers

Wedding Day Flower And Bouquet Inspiration |

Lots of flowers are relatively easy to grow, but expensive to buy. A rose bush will yield lots of stunning roses which cost you nothing but to buy them from a florist you’d be looking at hundreds. Lilies are also easy to grow, and lots of other smaller flowers to bulk up your bouquets. Pick wildflowers or buy some inexpensive bunches from the supermarket to finish everything off. No need to pay crazy florist prices and you might pick up gardening as a new hobby in the process!

Make Your Own Wedding Cake

Bride on a Budget? Here's How You Can Slash The Cost of Your Big DayYour wedding cake will be another considerable cost, but you can reduce this massively by baking your own. Even without major cake baking skills, you could use box cake mix and create a ‘naked’ wedding cake (very trendy right now) pretty easily with some simple equipment. Alternatively go with tiers of cupcakes, so easy to make and decorate. You can get pretty wedding cases on ebay to bake them in very cheaply.

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Host The Reception at Home

One of the most expensive parts of any wedding is the venue where the reception is held, along with the food. If you or any of your loved ones have a large house of garden, you could cut the price of this massively. Use a wedding gazebo in the back garden which would still give a very pretty ‘wedding’ appearance but at a fraction of the cost. Making your own food will also cut your wedding bill. Sandwiches, chicken, pastries, cakes and other finger foods can all be prepared cheaply and are buffet crowd pleasers that everyone loves.

Consider Alternative Dress Options

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Aside from the venue, the biggest wedding costs for most brides is the dress. Go into a boutique and pay for a designer dress and you’re looking at many thousands. One thing you could do is scour charity shops, many women donate their dress and you might get lucky. If it’s in a similar size to you then a few minor alterations shouldn’t cost too much. Another thing you could think about is buying a dress from the highstreet. A simple white or ivory dress could still look like a wedding dress once you have your veil and jewellery on.

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