London Wedding Venue vs. Remote Venue: Pros and Cons

London Wedding Venue vs. Remote Venue: Pros and Cons

Couples who want a London wedding have a difficult choice to make – should they have a wedding in London’s City area or choose some remote location near London? 

While there is no exact answer, we can easily break down the pros and cons of each choice, to make it easier for the couples. Most factors depend on transportation options, accessibility, as well as how willing the couple are to hire a wedding chauffeur service for this purpose. 

But let’s get there:

London Wedding Venue Pros

London Wedding Venue Pros

Let’s first analyse the pros of choosing a wedding venue in London. 

Transport convenience

It’s easy to get for the couple and their guests. Also, London’s city area is well-covered with plenty of public transportation options and taxi services.

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Huge selection of venues

Couples can find great venues to fit any style, budget, and guest list. From modern city halls to historic venues, the possibilities are endless.

Activities to entertain guests

Guests can enjoy free activities before and after the wedding, like exploring the city on a walking tour. 

Luxury London feeling

Most London venues are elegant and luxurious, so if you want that sort of wedding vibe, consider London a great option.

Cons of Choosing a London Wedding Venue

No matter how perfect it sounds, sometimes London venues may have disadvantages. These are the most common ones:

The cost

London venues tend to be pretty expensive, especially when compared to remote locations. That can be a key factor in many couples’ decision-making.

Available space

London wedding venues may not be as spacious as the remote ones. So, if you want a huge wedding, you may be limited by the city’s options.

The vibe

City weddings are more about elegance, sophistication, and extravagance. They may not meet the expectations for an intimate atmosphere, as the venues are often exposed to streets or other restaurants and tourist gathering spots. 

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Not unique enough

Couples who want a unique wedding experience may not find the classic London venues appropriate enough for their ideas and preferences.

Remote Location Close to London Pros

Remote Location Close to London Pros

While remote locations are challenging, solutions like wedding chauffeur hires make them perfect for couples who are all about:

Unique experiences

Remote venues offer unique aspects like intimacy, decor customisation, and exceptional surroundings to feel like part of a fairytale. 


Remote locations are generally more affordable than London’s venues. But this is not always the case, as some remote venues can indeed be exclusive and luxurious – that means expensive too.

Nature and scenery

Remote locations are surrounded by stunning landscapes, scenery and gardens. It’s a perfect way to capture wedding photos with little to no effort, with no need for an artistic backdrop.

Peace and quiet

Remote locations are far from London City’s hustle and bustle, so the couple and guests can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere away from the traffic and crowds. 

Cons of Remote Locations Near London

Just like the London venues, remote ones come with several disadvantages worth considering, such as:

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Logistics issues

Sometimes remote locations require advanced transportation planning, like private cars, minibuses, and other types of London wedding chauffeur services for convenient arrival.

Limited options

While there are plenty of remote wedding venues, they may be limited too; especially the sophisticated and elegant solutions.

Accommodation needed

Remote venues usually come with hotel rooms, which can be an additional expense for couples who want to accommodate more guests. 

Not easily accessible

Many venues have the same problem. They look perfect in photos, but to get there, you’ll need advanced transportation options, especially when it comes to rural locations or countryside wedding venues.

More Factors to Consider

More Factors to Consider

When deciding your wedding venue options consider additional factors like your guest list. It’s an essential part of a wedding and often a deciding factor when choosing the venue.

If most of your guests come from the city, the London venue is a more convenient option. If many guests need transportation or accommodation, you may consider remote venues a better option.

Additionally, your vision for a perfect wedding can define your venue type. If you want a classic wedding reception, the city venues work better. But if you dream about a rustic countryside wedding, remote venues are perfect for that. Finally, the wedding budget is a major factor for many couples, no matter how tight or extended. 

Ultimately, the best way to decide is to consider all the pros and cons mentioned in this article. That way, you’ll have a venue that matches your priorities, taste, budget and, of course, your dream for the perfect day.

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