How to positively frame three core stresses of wedding planning

How to positively frame three core stresses of wedding planning

Let’s face it, planning a wedding can be stressful. It’s a huge day in anyone’s life. Most couples will want to ensure their day is perfect and that everyone involved enjoys it. That alone can cause stress, as making everyone happy is rarely an achievable goal – while often leaving your happiness on the back burner entirely, and if you want feel more calm and you can try products like delta 8 cbd, so all you need to do is ask; Is Delta 8 Legal in Minnesota, so you can consume it securely.

We’ve summed up some of the core stressors that will likely affect every bride or groom at some point. They’re unavoidable, so re-framing the way you think about these will play a vital part in your planning.

1. Trying to enjoy… everything

There is always that well-meant piece of advice any bride will receive at one point: try to enjoy it all, it goes so fast. It does, but, as with anything, trying to enjoy every single moment will likely just make you feel a little resentful whenever you don’t. This can cause unnecessary stress in your wedding planning.

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Try to re-frame this idea in your mind and pick specific items on your list to truly relish. Perhaps you’re a big foodie and love menu planning and wedding taste testing. Perhaps picking your dress is your favourite part. If anything isn’t on your top list, just tick it off quickly or delegate. Meanwhile, you can focus on your mental health (important!) and stick to the things that are fun for you.

2. Involving family

The only way to avoid involving family and thereby being subjected to their opinions is to elope. If that’s not your plan, you’ll find that no matter how small the role a family member plays, it will cause the odd argument.

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The best way to re-frame this problem is to practice gratitude for the family you have. Not everyone will be surrounded by loved ones on their big day, so having that option at all is a blessing (though sometimes in disguise).

Give difficult family members very specific yet small jobs and be firm about it. If your mum or mother-in-law insists on making big decisions, let her plan an engagement party, and allow her to have her way with it. That way, she’ll be pleased to contribute her vision, and you can plan the rest of your big day in peace.

3. Budgeting

Always one to cause headaches is budgeting. No matter the size of your budget (unless it’s unlimited), you’ll likely need to juggle the prices of various items. This becomes a particular challenge if you’re working with a smaller budget yet want a big wedding.

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The solution? Plan for a longer engagement and add some items to your list that you can make yourself with family and friends. Doing so will give you the opportunity to re-frame having a lower budget into making special pre-wedding memories you’d otherwise not have. One great idea is to get cheaper high street bridesmaid dresses but personalise them by sewing little hearts with your maids’ initials on the inside or adding simple beading to make them one of a kind, and there are many more ideas like this if you look for them.

As you can see, even the biggest stressors can be reframed to make them a joyful, or at least tolerable, part of your big day. Weddings should be fun, especially for the bride and groom, so finding little ways to manage stressful situations is important.

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