How to Plan the Perfect Winter Wedding

How to Plan the Perfect Winter Wedding

Are you planning to get married over the winter months? While summer weddings are often a traditional choice, there is something truly magical about a winter wedding. The cool, crisp air and twinkle of frost can create an ethereal atmosphere for your celebration and add to the beauty of the occasion. If you are looking for some winter wedding inspiration, why not take a look at the ideas below to help you start making plans for your special day:

Choose Your Colour Scheme

Choosing the colours and theme you would like for your wedding is one of the most exciting parts of the planning process. Winter weddings provide the unique opportunity to incorporate a Christmas theme into your celebration. From using Christmas Table Gifts as favours for your guests to creating centrepieces that are brimming with holly and ivy, you can indulge your creativity and imagination to set a stunning scene. The rich, berry reds, golds, and greens used within a Christmas theme are sure to create a wow factor.

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Plan Your Photos

While there is never any guarantee of sunshine at whatever time of year you get married, it is especially crucial to consider this when hosting your nuptials in the winter. If you have a particularly grey day, it can be challenging to get the light right in your photos, so discussing this with your photographer in advance is a helpful idea to ensure your photos capture your day in the way you would like. To prevent the wedding party from getting too cold, you may decide to take your photos indoors. 

If you plan a winter wedding and hope to have photos taken outside, don’t forget to ensure you plan your ceremony for early in the day. This is because booking a mid to late afternoon ceremony could mean that darkness is setting in before you get around to having your photos taken.

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Find the Perfect Dress

Feeling comfortable on your wedding day is a must to ensure you get to enjoy this special occasion fully. Choosing the right dress plays a crucial role in this, so you need to find a dress that does not leave you feeling unbearably cold. To avoid freezing on your wedding day, you may want to consider a long-sleeved dress choice or incorporate a shrug or cape within your outfit. 

Warm Up Your Guests

Planning ways to keep your guests warm and comfortable is an excellent idea in case your wedding day turns out to be particularly cold. If you have decided to have your wedding photos taken outside, your guests may be feeling a bit cold afterwards. Choosing a warming alternative to a traditional welcome drink is a great way to banish the cold and warm everyone up. Selecting a drink such as mulled wine is a great alternative welcome drink for a winter wedding. Choosing a wedding breakfast that features traditional warming comfort food is another great way to get everyone warmed up and fueled up, ready for the reception. 

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