How To Choose A Wedding Venue

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While various wedding-related decisions play a significant part in the success of your big day, some choices have more impact than others do. If you’re wondering how to choose a wedding venue, then read on, as this guide will help.

How To Choose The Wedding Venue Of Your Dreams

Hampshire Wedding Venues: 10 Of The Best
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The wedding venue plays a vital role in ensuring the success of the day.

Unfortunately, unlike other optional aspects of a wedding, such as ditching a formal suit for a casual look, you shouldn’t compromise on the venue.

The excitement that comes with getting married, coupled with uncertainties to consider about how exactly to choose a wedding venue, makes the selection process daunting.

The wide array of options, ranging from cozy restaurants, such as 74wythe, stunning barn, elegant ballrooms, or the beach, additionally makes it difficult to choose.

If you are facing such a situation, the tips below will help you pick a perfect wedding venue.

How To Choose A Wedding Venue Location

How to Choose a Wedding Venue
74Wythe, USA

Unlike some years back, where weddings were held in the bride’s hometown by default, modern weddings can be held anywhere.

The venue can be your hometown, where you currently live, favourite holiday town, or a destination you have been dreaming of visiting.

Choosing your hometown to hold your wedding provides the benefit of convenience, however, destination weddings come with their benefits too.

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Think amazing backdrops, the possibility of exploring new destinations, and beautiful memories of faraway places.

That said, choose the location before proceeding to other elements.

This decision significantly affects any other facets of your big day, including venue options, number of guests, and the budget.

Imagine Your Dream Wedding Venue

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Everybody certainly has an idea of how their dream wedding should be set.

If you do, find a wedding venue that aligns with the idea in your mind.

While some couples prefer a modern wedding appeal, others prefer a calm, restaurant space or art gallery-themed wedding.

With your preconceived idea, you can narrow down the available options.

For instance, if your idea of a wedding should include natural elements, start by finding outdoor venues, such as ranches, backyards, and parks. Then, you need to determine if it’s necessary to rent a porta-potty for your guests. There are companies that offer portable bathroom rentals for various occasions and events.

Choosing a wedding venue that fits your theme will make the wedding mood more connected to the venue.

Think About The Number Of Wedding Guests

Deciding if you want a large-capacity venue or a small and intimate venue depends on the number of guests invited.

The venue’s size is of immense importance, as it will determine the budget and other important facilities at the wedding.

Picking a small venue for a large number of guests will lead to congestion and overcrowding.

On the other hand, an excessively large space will make your guests feel lost and affect the wedding mood.

Even after sending wedding invites, you can’t be sure of the number of guests who will likely turn up during the day.

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Based on the number of guests, make a rough estimation before choosing the venue.

You should also consider visiting the wedding venue to get a rough estimation of the number of people it can accommodate.

Estimating the number of guests also helps in breaking down your budgetary requirements beforehand.

Consider Your Wedding Budget

Budget is another important factor to consider when choosing a wedding venue.

Different wedding venues charge varying prices for several reasons.

For instance, if you choose a restaurant, you will have to pay for space and catering. Most restaurants charge a flat fee for the venue and price per plate for catering services.

With this, you can easily estimate the total costs, as it will depend on the number of guests attending the wedding.

On the other hand, outdoors, such as backyards and ranches, offer flexible budgets. You just need to consider renting portable toilets for your guests.

For starters, you can begin by finding an outdoor venue that fits your budget.

That aside, you have the flexibility of choosing a catering service that fits your budget.

When creating and setting your budget, you should categorise payments by prioritising funds for groups, such as vendors.

This is because such services are provided upon receipt of payments.

Failing to prioritise the payment of service providers can cause disappointments during the big day, so being organised is an absolute must.

Consult A Wedding Planner

If you haven’t been involved in planning a wedding or searching for a wedding venue before, you should consider consulting an experienced wedding planner.

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Before visiting the potential wedding venue, talk to a planner as they can provide great insights on what to look for, including the layout and changes required to transform the space.

With their experience, wedding planners can provide creative ways of turning a flat space into a wedding-venue-worthy space.

Speak To Your Photographer

Don’t forget to have a chat with your wedding photographer about your venue choice. They’ve seen their fair share of locations and know exactly how lighting and space can play into your photos. 

Let them in on where you’re thinking of celebrating your big day. They might have some helpful insights or even a few suggestions on how to make the most of the setting. 

This discussion with them can do wonders when trying to choose the ideal venue—you want those wedding photos to be as stunning as the day itself, right? 

It’s always good to know if your dream venue is as photogenic as you hope it is, with your wedding photographer’s seasoned eye helping guide your decision, you’re more likely to end up with a venue that not only looks gorgeous in person but also looks incredible in pictures. They can spot all the little nooks and crannies that make for beautiful photo ops and warn you about any spots that might not translate as well on camera. 

So, definitely loop your photographer into your venue-scouting process—they’re a resource you won’t want to overlook!

Keep An Open Mind

While not every venue will fit your search, some unexpected venues can turn out the best. As such, always keep an open mind, exploring multiple wedding venues with different ideas, locations, and themes. Apart from the factors listed above, you should also consider other tips to enhance your wedding experience. For instance, accessibility of the venue and lighting significantly affect your overall wedding experience.

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