Honeymoon Destinations: Our Top 10 Favourites in 2023

Honeymoon Destinations: Our Top 5 Favourites in 2020

Finding the top honeymoon destinations for the most romantic, adventure-filled and memorable honeymoon might not be easy but it is definitely worth your time and effort. Luckily, this honeymoon blog post is jam-packed with ideas, inspiration and destinations that are truly once in a lifetime and perfect for your honeymoon of dreams. Mood boarding, planning and booking your honeymoon is half the fun. So, pack your sun cream and your best wifey bikini and your new “Mrs” floppy hat, we’ve put together these top honeymoon destinations for you to explore and book!

Will You Choose A Destination Wedding?

As the bride and groom, you have so many choices available to you for your honeymoon. You can choose to spend your honeymoon in the same location you celebrate your wedding or you can go to a different location.

The honeymoon is an important celebration after the wedding. It’s a perfect way for you and your newly betrothed to relax and decompress after the big day. Your honeymoon is just as important as your wedding day and it’s also a time when you’ll be celebrating your wedding as just the two of you with no interruptions.

With your wedding, there are many factors to consider such as sending out wedding invites, tasting wedding cakes, choosing the venue, etc. A wedding, even with a wedding planner can get overly complicated and can feel quite overwhelming. So, once the dust has settled, the cake has been cut and you’ve done your first dance, it’s time to get straight into honeymoon mode. Whether you’re going on a road trip, planning a staycation or boarding a plane, these top honeymoon destinations will help you pick what’s perfect for your first trip as a married couple.

Our Favourite Honeymoon Destinations

Whatever you decide to do, we gathered the 10 best honeymoon locations that may also be a good choice for your wedding event as well.

1. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Image source

If you choose a Cabo San Lucas destination wedding, you will definitely not regret it. Known for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, water activity options and wild nightlife, you’ll be sure to find something you love on your Mexican honeymoon.

Mexico can never fail you when it comes to celebrating your wedding and honeymoon. A Caribbean way to celebrate your nuptials, you can top up your tan, drink local tequila, eat cuisine that will blow your head off and make memories that will last a lifetime.

This place is full of fun and entertaining activities that will offer you the time of your life. If you’re looking to part, this island is for you. You could find something new every single night of your dream honeymoon.

You will love the natural landscapes as well as the restaurants and bars where you can drink the night away.

2. Hawaii

Hawaii Honeymoon Destinations
Image source

Hawaii is the dreamer’s ultimate honeymoon destination, it’s an amazing place full of sun and happy people.

Set in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, feeling like a million miles from anyone, this location has the perfect vibe for a romantic honeymoon. You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the ocean, on a tropical island living the dream.

You can find resorts that come at all price tags so you can get as fancy as you want in Hawaii. You can meet your budget or splurge on days out, food trips and nights to remember. Your honeymoon can be as bespoke as you want it to be – if you love the beach, spend day after day worshipping the sun and the surf; if you love being adventurous, you can enjoy water sports, climbs, hikes and finding hidden gems that only the locals know about.

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If you like great sceneries, good food and great music, then this is the place for you! A Hawaii honeymoon is unforgettable and you’ll be the envy of all your friends for many years to come!

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3. Paris, France – The Most Romantic Of Honeymoon Destinations?

Paris Honeymoon destinations
Image source

Paris is one of the top honeymoon destinations in Europe because it is one of the most stylish and elegant capitals in the world. From busy days out museums, country parks, tourist attractions and food destinations, Paris is the ultimate honeymoon spot for culture vultures.

If you want a fancy honeymoon, going to Paris could be a great choice for you and your lover. The city has so much to offer across all budgets and you can live like royalty for a good price. Take in the cityscape via boat, stroll around the Champs-Élysées hand in hand, taste local cheeses and wines at sundown and sip wine as you people watch. A gorgeous city break-style honeymoon is exactly what you’ll get in romantic Paris.

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You can choose to spend your honeymoon in other cities in France but Paris is one place that you can’t miss while you are in the country.

4. Bali

Image source

If you are looking for a relaxing honeymoon with your spouse, Bali is the place to go to. In recent years, the popularity of Bali has skyrocketed with it fast becoming the top honeymoon destination for romantic newlyweds looking to escape the hustle and bustle for island living, cocktails and 5-star treatment.

It is one of those places where life simply seems to develop at a more relaxed pace. The picturesque Indonesian island is home to plenty of amazing resorts built to tailor to your every newlywed dream – from petal baths to spa days to breakfast being served in your swim-up pool. A Bali honeymoon is a slice of heaven.

You will meet friendly people that are more than happy to share their traditions with you. Also, the prices are very affordable. You can take your honeymoon at your ideal pace splitting your time between long, sunny beach days and mountain hikes. There is so much to do on your Bali honeymoon, you’ll be spoilt for choice – and even if you just want to lie out in the sun, you’re sure to be waited on hand and foot.

So, you get an amazing atmosphere, good food and incredible nature spots to enjoy if you are on a tight budget. We love Bali as a honeymoon destination – we know you will too!

5. India

India Honeymoon
Image source

For those couples that would love to start their marriage with a spiritual journey, India is the perfect honeymoon location.

This country has so much to offer that you will most likely want to come back to it. India is a real culture-filled destination perfect for adventure-seeking honeymooners who want to dive into history and explore tropical paradise all in one amazing trip.

You can get amazing experiences and you will love to discover a new culture along with your spouse! Your honeymoon will be one to remember with trips to temples, historical landmarks and cities to enjoy. Downtime on your India honeymoon can include full days exploring your resort, traditional massages and beach days.

Because India is definitely different from other countries. It has its own exotic vibe and can definitely charm you with amazing food as well.

It will be hard to choose a certain city in India as they are all very interesting and fascinating.

6. The Maldives

top honeymoon destinations: the Maldives - houses on stilts in the Ocean
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With sugar-white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and a strict no-shoes policy, the Maldives is the top honeymoon destination for those looking for luxury, pampering and memories that will last a lifetime. World famous for its iconic houses on stilts, your honeymoon will have you feeling like you’ve been dropped off on a desert island and you’ll never want to come home.

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Thrill seekers can enjoy snorkelling and diving in the gorgeous lagoons, days can be spent in your private suites housed over the ocean, listening to the waves lap in, sipping cocktails and splashing in the surf. You can relax and unwind and taste delicious local foods without having to leave your island accommodation.

The Maldives is the home of romantic honeymoons – candle-lit dinners under the shining stars come as standard, drone-style honeymoon video memories will help you take incredible footage and breakfasts with your toes in the sand will mean you’ll never want to leave!

7. The Amalfi Coast

top honeymoon destination - the Amalfi coast

City breaks don’t come much better than the Amalfi Coast – loved by millions, world-famous and a top honeymoon destination for those seeking Italian tradition, adventure and food heaven. Explore the topsy-turvy, twisting Italian roads together, visit the mountains and the quaint towns only the locals know about and spend your days soaking up the sun on the small but perfectly formed beach coves.

Your honeymoon can be as chilled or as busy as you want: spend the day exploring lemon groves and wine tasting and watch the sun go down in a seaside restaurant famous for its delicious Italian food.

The Amalfi Coast is a top honeymoon destination for foodies – if you love your food, cooking and drinking wine, this is the ultimate honeymoon for you. For a truly immersive experience, consider hiring Napa wine drivers with an experienced driver who knows the Napa area inside out to ensure that you’ll have a rich and informed exploration of the vineyards and wineries.

8. Mauritius

Mauritius pool and seascape - the top honeymoon destination for newlyweds

If you’re looking for ultimate luxury, Mauritius is the top honeymoon destination for you. Sat off the east coast of Africa, Mauritius has so much to offer to romantic newlyweds looking to enjoy the honeymoon of a lifetime. Mauritius is the best of the best: five-star hotels and resorts, high-quality food and drinks, picturesque white, sandy beaches and water so clear, you won’t believe your eyes.

Let your resort do all the hard work – they can plan sunset strolls finished with champagne at sunset, petal baths in your room, horseback riding along the beach at sunrise and everything in between.

Luxury honeymoons and Mauritius go hand in hand. You’ll feel like a lottery winner as you dine on incredible seafood, sip amazing cocktails and top up your tan to the sound of gentle waves lapping up in the distance.

Swim, eat, explore and enjoy your honeymoon and take incredible photos with spellbinding backdrops!

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9. St. Lucia

St Lucia sea swings - top honeymoon destination in the Carribean

A Caribbean honeymoon is just what the doctor ordered after your beautiful nuptials and post-wedding come down. Board the plane for 10 hours and don’t look back – walk out onto beautiful warm sands, bright blue seas and the home of rum cocktails.

St Lucia is a top honeymoon destination for any newlyweds who just want to relax, take some time out and enjoy life at a slower pace.

There’s plenty to do in beautiful St Lucia so you’ll never be bored – whether you’re looking for exhilarating water sports, diving excursions or night life that will keep your feet dancing until the sun comes up.

Enjoy a cool dip in the sea, cocktail in hand while topping up your tan and reading a trashy novel. Watch sunsets, dodge rain storms and dance the night away in each other’s arms.

10. Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos beach landscape - top honeymoon destination for sun

Unspoilt beaches with amazing views as far as the eye can see, Turks and Caicos is the top honeymoon destination for sun-seekers, beach lovers and romantics looking to escape reality for as long as possible. You’ll be able to enjoy warm sea waters, incredible coral reefs, and diving for amazing sea animals including whales and dolphins.

Your luxury honeymoon will be complimented by plenty of beach days and little trips into the quaint towns to find where the locals go for the best seafood and cocktails. Turks & Caicos has so much to offer to newlyweds because it has everything all on one island.

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Relax, recharge and reminisce together on the beach, stroll in the surf, and watch seaplanes and celeb spots – all in a day’s work on your honeymoon!

So, Have You Been Inspired By These Honeymoon Destinations?

As you can see, the world is full of honeymoon destinations that you can enjoy.

You will find all you want without having to spend a lot of money.

And with the top ten locations above, you will not go wrong. These top honeymoon locations will tick all of your boxes! Get booking your dream honeymoon now…

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People Also Ask…

Which is the best country to visit for your honeymoon?

If you’re looking to start your married life in style, deciding which country to visit for your honeymoon can be a daunting task. With top spots ranging from beachside villas to bustling city escapes, it all comes down to preference and budget. For couples who want some romance with a side of relaxation, traditional beach honeymoons have been popular destination choices for years – think Bali, Hawaii and the Caribbean Islands. If a European atmosphere is more appealing, consider the top spots such as Santorini in Greece or Venice in Italy. There are endless dreamy locations for weddings too – beachfront ceremonies on tropical islands or gorgeous historical buildings surrounded by stunning natural terrain provide breath taking backdrops on your special day. So whether you’re hoping for an adventure of a lifetime, a romantic backdrop or beautiful wedding snaps, there’s something perfect out there for every happy couple!

Which is the cheapest place for a honeymoon?

Planning a honeymoon on a budget does not have to mean sacrificing your dream getaway, with top honeymoon destinations available at competitive prices! If you are looking for the perfect beach honeymoon without breaking the bank, look into holidaying in Thailand and the Caribbean. With destinations like stunning Koh Samui, you can find all-inclusive packages that won’t cost more than a few nights out after the wedding. Alternatively, why not try parts of Europe such as Italy or Portugal? Both are perfect hot spots for soaking up the sun without going over your budget. Whatever destination you choose it’s sure to be an unforgettable honeymoon!

Where do Brits go on honeymoon?

When it comes to top honeymoon destinations for Brits, there are some that stand out among the rest. If a romantic beach getaway is what you’re after, then perhaps the Caribbean, Mexico or Thailand would be top of your list. While in the UK, there are plenty of gorgeous scenery and castles galore if you’d prefer to connect with cultural sites and a history-rich locale. Scotland tops the list for its stunning lochs and rugged landscape, while Devon offers miles of wetlands and hidden coves – perfect for a post-wedding escape. Whichever destination you choose – whether it be Jersey’s golden beaches or Mallorca’s popular culture scene – you’ll surely find a unique experience to document fondly from your honeymoon!

Is Maldives best for a honeymoon?

If your top priority for your honeymoon is finding breathtaking beaches and amazing islands, then there’s no doubt that the Maldives is one of the top destinations to consider. From exotic island getaways to luxurious waterfront villas, this country offers some of the world’s most romantic settings for newlyweds to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach honeymoon or are looking to organize sunset ceremonies overlooking the sea, follow your heart with the perfect backdrop for a Maldivian wedding party. There are plenty of activities both in the water and off that make it easy to find the perfect spot to start your journey as newlyweds!

What is the top honeymoon destination in the world?

When planning a top honeymoon destination, consider the beach! There’s something special about spending your first few weeks of marriage in the relaxing atmosphere of the shore and taking in all the beauty that the ocean has to offer. Whether you’re looking for white sand beaches, beautiful mountain views, or an exotic blend of cultures, there are plenty of top destinations to choose from. From Honolulu, Hawaii to Santorini, Greece, couples can celebrate their love among some of the most breathtaking natural surroundings on earth. No matter where you choose to go on your beach honeymoon, it will be an unforgettable experience shared between two people just starting out on their journey together. Congratulations on your wedding; best wishes for your top honeymoon destination!

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