The 4 Most Important Professionals To Hire For Your Big Day

Although you might be in the throes of planning for your nuptials and the stresses are becoming a little too much to bear, there are some integral parts to your big day that simply cannot be overlooked. If you’re finding that the act of ticking off the things on your to-do list is no longer enjoyable, or the pressure is getting too much, it’s important that you take a break. Pull your other half to one side and let them know how you are feeling. The chances are they are feeling exactly the same way. Your wedding is supposed to be the most enjoyable day of your life so organising the intricate details, the entertainment, the venue and your dress should be too.

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One key tip is to almost forget about your guests for a moment and consider what it is that you want as a couple. This is your memory making day, the first you will have as a married couple, and you want it to be special and unique to you. Be a little selfish and select the aspects of your day based on your wants and desires. Just because your mum wants to see you in an ivory meringue gown doesn’t mean that’s what you should opt for if you’d rather a simple white off the shoulder dress. When planning your big day, you will have to relinquish some of the responsibility to others. These are the professionals that you hire, and this is what you pay them to do. Take a look at how you can ensure that you source the best.


Wedding photographer

While you might like to think of yourself as a dab hand behind a camera, it’s going to be nigh on impossible for you to have a Nikon around your neck, taking photos of everyone at your wedding while you are meant to be the centre of attention and in every shot. It’s vital that you select a photographer that reflects your personality and vibe. Some photographers still specialise in the more formal, posed and traditional shots. These are the sort that make you wait outside a church for hours as different friends and family groups have their shots taken with the happy couple.

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Other photographers have broken away from tradition and have gone down the more candid route. These snap happy professionals are much more content keeping under the radar, acting almost like a fly on the wall for your big day. You may not even realise they are there, but they will be taking shot after shot of you mingling with your guests, catching glimpses of the romantic moments with your partner and capturing those ad hoc moments of your friends and family having fun. The documentary style of these photographers has become incredibly popular as people strive for the more natural and less forced photographs.

To vet your photographer, meet them, ask to see their work and, if you’re lucky, they may provide you with a free shoot for thirty minutes or so. You’ll be able to see the quality of their work and decide if it fits in with your style and ideas. The best photographers aren’t the cheapest, so it pays to spend your money wisely to obtain the best professional.


Wedding entertainment

If you are having music for your evening soiree, you may be considering a DJ, a tribute band, a local choir or a string quartet. Whatever sort of melodic extravaganza you have planned it’s vital that you select the professionals who can provide the sort of entertainment you are looking for. If you can, head to the next gig of the band you are looking to hire to see them live. There’s no better way to discover whether they are the right fit for your big day. If you’re thinking of hiring a DJ and don’t want to end up with part-timer who is all too happy to let loose on a dry ice machine, you should outsource to a UK DJ agency to locate the most suitable DJ for you. Whether you are into drum and bass or prefer the classic power ballads of the eighties, an agency can hunt down the perfect DJ for your wedding.

Music might not be the only entertainment that you wish to consider. You might be keen on a spot of close up magic as your guests enjoy their gourmet three course sit down menu. Hiring a magician is relatively easy. Meet them, get them to show you a few tricks and assess whether they’ll be a good addition to your day. While you might not be getting Derren Brown, the awe and wonder of a magician can be great for the kids that you have attending your wedding. Don’t forget to consider the addition of oversized outdoor games, a clown and a giant pick’n’mix to keep your younger attendees on side.

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Photobooths have become a phenomenon in recent years. While they started off as an additional bit of fun to weddings across the country, they are now synonymous with any sort of cool event. With a box of outfits to dress up in and accessories to adorn your frame, you could end up with a whole host of additional fun and candid shots showing your nearest and dearest having an awesomely fun time at your big day.


Wedding catering

Many wedding packages now come with the catering thrown in at larger all-in-one wedding venues. At the same time, it’s still a vital aspect of your day. Sit down with the wedding planner and chef at your hotel or venue of choice and test out some of the food. The chances are they will have set options for you to choose from. While this may sound quite limiting, this actually makes your job a lot easier. Too large a menu to select from and you could find yourself stressing over the starter for longer than is needed. The ideal scenario is that you will sit around a table and have some little tasting plates to partake in. Try and enjoy the experience in the same way as you did when you were trying on your dress for the first time.

If you have vegetarians or people with specific dietary requirements on your guest list, make sure that they are catered for. A mushroom stroganoff and gluten-free pasta dish simply aren’t going to cut it. They need to feel valued and part of your big day as much as your omnivore attendees.

The cake for your big day is the centrepiece of the evening. Cutting your three-tier traditional cake, your tower of doughnuts or your array of red velvet cupcakes will be a memorable moment. Wedding cakes don’t have to be adorned with sugar paste flowers and have a fondant icing couple on top anymore. You may wish to show off your personality within your cake and create an edible scene from your first holiday together or your favourite TV show or movie. Artisan cake makers are so talented these days that they can create almost anything out of sponge, spun sugar and icing. Opt for something highly personalised. If you adore carrot cake and your partner is a date and walnut fan, ensure that you instruct the baker you have hired to add this into your design. They should be flexible and willing to accommodate your requests. If not, it’s time to consider another caterer.

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Wedding flowers

No wedding is complete without the addition of some foliage here and there. You may be planning to go down the simple yet traditional route with buttonholes and bouquets. The sheer choice of flowers to add to your fauna laden day can be mind-boggling. This is why you should hire a florist with a wide-reaching knowledge. Many specialise in weddings and can construct all sorts of wonderful structures for table centrepieces, unique buttonhole ideas and even provide posies for the end of church pews.

Consider the season in which you are saying ‘I do.’ You may want to reflect the month you are getting married. A winter wedding with tropical amaryllis, sunflowers and magenta pink dahlias with a backdrop of a snow scene wonderland is going to look a little odd. Echoing the season can make your wedding flow more naturally. Autumnal bouquets, winter posies and spring-like wildflower decorations can turn your wedding day from something quite ordinary to an event that comes alive with added greenery thanks to the horticultural knowledge of your florist.

Wedding planning can be stressful, but ultimately, it should be enjoyable and exciting. After all, you are planning for the first day of your lives together as a married couple. This should be a celebration, a party and the perfect way to signify your commitment to one another. Take the time to hire the professionals that will help make your wedding a day to remember forever.

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