5 Hen Party Horror Stories To Avoid

5 Hen Party Horror Stories To Avoid

A lot can go wrong during a hen party. Here are some of the all-too-common horror stories that can occur during a hen party, and what you can do to avoid them. 

Important friends can’t make it

There could be certain people who the bride really wants at their hen party. Make sure that these people are able to come by finding a date that suits them. Avoid planning the hen night too late as this could reduce the chance of certain people being able to make it. This could be particularly important if you’re planning a holiday or a night away somewhere.

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None of the hens gets along

Certain personalities may clash and there’s not much that you can do about this. However, it is important to prevent squabbles from getting out of control. The first signs of conflict are likely to occur in the group chat. Make sure to put decisions to a vote and seek support from the bride-to-be if you need advice on dealing with certain difficult people. It’s important to not only discourage conflict but also unwillingness to mingle. An ice-breaker activity at the beginning of the night could be worth planning to get people to interact. 

Important details get forgotten

You’ve booked an amazing venue. But wait – you haven’t booked transport! And what about accommodation? Overlooking these important details is something that you don’t want to do. Make sure to pour over every aspect of the party from beginning to end. To help keep everyone together, it could be worth looking into large vehicles like limos or people carriers as well as hen party houses

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Everyone gets too drunk too early

Alcohol is a major part of many hen parties, but you should be careful of letting everyone drink too much too early. It’s particularly important that the bride-to-be isn’t throwing up or having to be propped up before you’ve even left the house. Try to pace the evening by avoiding shots and strong drinks early on. Pre-drinking can save money, but it’s important that you don’t go crazy. 

The night ends with an impromptu A&E visit

Hen night A&E visits are often alcohol-related. It’s important to look after everyone throughout the night – particularly the bride. If people are starting to get drunk and accident-prone, take measures to help sober them up. It could be worth recommending that everyone takes a spare pair of flats if there is likely to be a lot of walking to also avoid any trips or falls. Planning transportation between venues can also prevent this. 

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