Hen Do Ideas In Liverpool: 13 Of The Very Best Activities

13 hen do ideas in Liverpool

Whether you are planning for a bachelor party or a ladies night out, the city of Liverpool is the place to be. We’re starting the proceedings with a comprehensive list of the best 13 hen do ideas in Liverpool.

Why Should You Consider These Hen Do Ideas In Liverpool?

Albert Dock in Liverpool - the best place for a hen do

With a vibrant presence of bars, clubs and restaurants, Liverpool is with no doubt the UK’s best party destination.

The city has a variety of entertainment spots to choose from ranging from the high-end luxurious clubs to the cheaper options which will also not let you down.

When it comes to partying in Liverpool, you can party till morning in the trendy clubs full of welcoming people.

13 Of The Very Best Hen Do Ideas In Liverpool

For a hen party to be impressive, you must combine the fun and naughty ideas that are far away from ordinary.

Starting with some hen do ideas in Liverpool that will get your guests giggling…

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1. Hire A Topless Butler, Then Sit Back And Relax Whilst They Host The Party!

If you are thinking of something naughty, then consider hiring naked butlers for your hen party.

The butlers are an ad of testosterone and muscle to the party.

These hot guys will serve you with drinks and are cocktail masters.

These guys know how to please ladies with their brilliant butler games.

Interestingly, these men will come to your party venue at any time day or night.

2. Have An 80’s Dance Experience And Warm Up The Party

Nothing is more enjoyable to do than cool things from a previous generation.

In Liverpool, there are multiple venues where you can have an 80’s dance class.

These classes are top-rated, given the fabulous memories they bring.

The participants are lucky to get expert training from professional dance teachers who will bring the best out of you.

You don’t have to worry as the main aim is to have fun though you can learn some classic moves from the biggest 80’s hits.

3. Try Bubble Mayhem For Some Bouncy Fun – Possibly The Most Fun Of These Hen Do Ideas In Liverpool?

This activity is the right choice if you have a group of young and active hens.

You first wear large plastic body zorbs then there will be an organiser ready for you and will guide you through different fun games.

The fun about bubble mayhem is that you keep on bumping into one another, but you cannot get hurt.

The game also comes with a bottle of bubbly as a reward for the winner, meaning you will have the first round before heading onto to the next hen do ideas in Liverpool.

4. Experience Burlesque Dancing

Burlesque dance is one of the world’s most teasing and seductive dances.

The moves are simple and can suit ladies of all sizes, shapes and ages.

Just like all hen do dances, burlesque dance is exclusively for fun, and everyone can join, including the worst dancers in the group.

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Here you will laugh with your friend and learn some moves at the same time.

The class is led by an experienced burlesque dancer and can last up to two hours.

5. Work Up A Thirst At A Cocktail Class

Cocktail classes will always remain at the top of the hen party to-do list.

Get your hens into a cocktail class, and they will have a reason to laugh.

The drinks in this class are not for mixing alone, but you drink what you make.

For first learners, this ninety minutes fun lesson can give you skills to help you create your tasty concoctions in the future.

You will also have a chance to learn it the fun way with an interactive mixologist.

6. Laugh All Night At A Comedy Club

Laughter is a source of fun, especially for ladies.

Visiting one of the Liverpool comedy clubs with your hen is creating an opportunity to laugh away your stress.

These clubs in Liverpool host the finest local and international comedians known to bring laughter with them whenever they go.

Make sure that you seat together to enjoy the fun as a group.

You can also get a chance to stand on the stage and show off your comedy talent.

7. Play Goofy Games

Goofy games are one of the best outdoor activities for a hen party.

There are a lot of games to choose from including penny lane bowling, the derby and last la’ standing.

These games are challenging but will also give you the fun you need.

The overall winner always gets a prize.

Now, Don’t Miss These Activity-Led Liverpool Hen Do Ideas…

8. Gin Tasting Experience

Gin time can be at any time at the party.

You can decide to start with the gins or bring it somewhere in the middle or close to the party end.

The gin expert is there to ensure that you only taste from some of the best-known gins brands.

Here you can have a chance to fall in love with one brand and make it your favourite for the remaining time of your life.

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Gin tasting is a perfect bonding activity if most of you have never met before.

9. Life Drawing

Art class have never been such fun.

The nude life drawing is one of the naughtiest ideas you can add to your hen party.

This ninety minutes lesson doesn’t need any artistic skills as it mainly focuses on the fun bit.

A nude model will be there in front of you, and it’s up to you to show your art skills by capturing all of their features.

10. Nude Male Body Painting – If You’re Looking For The Naughtiest Of The Liverpool Hen Party Ideas, Then This Is It!

After the life drawing class, you can go to the next level of nude male body painting.

Here you get your paintbrushes on the body of a handsome man.

Naked male body painting is a hen do idea that combines both creativity and fun.

The ladies will also get a chance to have selfies and other photo sessions with the models!

11. Get Active And Let The Adrenalin Rush With A Quad Bike Experience

Sometimes we need machines to have fun.

You will never go wrong by introducing the quad bike trekking to your hen party ideas.

This activity brings together fun and challenge on a six-mile trek made to bring out some of the roughest and challenging terrains.

The girls need not have driving experience since you need a short lesson and you are ready to go.

12. Get Cultured With A Wine Tasting Experience

This activity can be an impressing experience for wine lovers and enthusiasts.

You can organise for tours around the different vineyards in and around Liverpool.

If you don’t want to go on a physical tour, the activity is also made possible by tasting different wine brands and types in a bar.

You will also learn the various snacks that complement each wine type and get tipsy at the same time.

Win win!

13. Create An A-List Event With A Pop Star Experience

Singing is fun for most people, and it can get better if you get a chance to record your song at one of the best studios in Liverpool.

This activity is the most unique amongst these hen do ideas in Liverpool and will give you an experience to never forget.

You can sing to your favourite song as a group, and the studio engineers will produce it and present it to you.

That’s one to get on the DJ playlist at the wedding!

So Which Of These Liverpool Hen Party Ideas Will It Be?

We’ve suggested some activities to make you giggle, such as a dance class or games with a topless butler.

For the more discerning of guests, you could enjoy a wine tasting tour, or a life drawing class.

For the naughty hens, there’s a brilliant array of activities on offer in Liverpool such as burlesque dance classes or nude model painting!

Whatever hen party games, activities or experiences in Liverpool you choose, as long as you get the company right, you’ll have an amazing time.

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