Hacks For Planning The Most Incredible Winter Wedding

How to Plan the Perfect Winter Wedding
There is a reason why spring and summer weddings come with premium prices, and that’s because this is the most popular time of year to get married. Why? Because it’s the time of year when the weather is warmest, and you are most likely to get a sunny day. However, if the premium prices of summer and spring weddings are out of your reach, or you can’t wait that long to tie the knot, then it could be worth considering having a winter wedding.

Winter weddings can be wonderful affairs; just because the weather is colder and there’s no guarantee of sunshine, it doesn’t mean that a winter wedding will be a disaster. A wedding held in the colder months can actually be a beautiful occasion and one that is remembered for many years to come because of how unique it is. Everyone gets married in the summer months, why not be different and say your vows in the season of snow and ice?

Like the idea of having a winter wedding? Then keen reading, as below we have a list of hacks for planning the most incredible winter wedding.

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Hacks For Planning The Most Incredible Winter Wedding

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An indoor venue is a must

For a winter wedding, an indoor venue is a must. While you could transform a marquee into a cosy space, the fact is that heating it would be much more difficult in the colder winter months, which is why an indoor venue is probably best. Obviously, you will want a luxury wedding venue, but the question is, what else do you want from it? Do you want somewhere that has beautiful gardens attached for the photos? Are you keen to get married somewhere that’s wonderfully traditional or would a modern hotel work for you? Think about the theme that you plan on using for your wedding, and use that to help you determine the type of venue you would like for your reception and nuptials, or venues if you are saying your vows in one place and celebrating in another.

Choose festive colours

A winter wedding has to have a festive colour scheme – ideally, you want to plan a wedding that uses reds and greens as these are the colours associated with the season. However, if you would prefer something more classy, silver and gold can also be used, as can autumnal colours, like browns, maroons, and oranges. For an elegant colour palette, how about combining silver with crystals? Just think how pretty this would look, almost like pieces of snow and ice.

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Hacks For Planning The Most Incredible Winter Wedding

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Pick seasonal flowers

When it comes to picking the flowers for your wedding, there are a lot more options to choose from than you might realise. While lilies and roses are the traditional flowers of winter, they aren’t the only options that you have – there are also plenty of other options to choose from, it’s just a case of being willing to get creative. Talk to your florist and see what kinds of flowers they are able to work with, and then go from there. You can always get bouquet inspiration from sites like Pinterest, so if you are stuck for ideas, don’t panic. Save any ideas that you like the idea of, and show them to your florist, to see if they are able to recreate the designs that you have seen and fallen in love with on Pinterest.

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Cosiness is key

Summer weddings are all about freshness and sunshine, whereas winter weddings are about cosiness and comfort. For instance, a summer wedding breakfast tends to be salmon or chicken served with a salad and new potatoes, whereas for a winter wedding, something more comforting like a roast or good old sausage and mash, with a gourmet twist, of course, could work well. Take the season into account and focus on cosiness. Place faux fur throws and blankets around for your guests to wrap themselves in. Serve mulled drinks, instead of cold drinks. If you are outside, have a bonfire and fireworks; toast marshmallows and serve hot chocolate. Embrace the winter and the coldness that comes with it.

My Real Winter Wedding, photos by Danny Feasey Photography

The fact is that while winter weddings may not be the most popular choice, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a good option for celebrating your upcoming nuptials. If you are smart about how you plan your big day, get creative about it, and embrace the season, you can ensure that your winter wedding is an amazing occasion and one which is remembered for all of the right reasons.

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