Stress-Free Wedding Travel: 8 Features To Look For In A Groom Suit Travel Bag

Tips For Stress-Free Wedding Planning

Are you travelling with your partner, family and friends, and whole entourage to get to your destination wedding soon? Indeed, the whole ordeal can be stressful for everyone involved.

If you’re a groom, there are many concerns that you may have in mind when it comes to wedding travel. Chief of them include worrying about how you can safely bring your groom’s suit with you on your travel.

Worry not. A tried-and-tested solution to your groom suit worries is buying the perfect groom suit travel bag. Luckily, there are a lot of groom suit travel bag companies offering their products to meet various groom travel needs and demands.

To help you pick the best groom suit travel bag for you, take into consideration the following bag features to avoid any wedding travel-related stress:

Feature No. 1: High-Quality Bag Material

When looking for a groom suit travel bag for your upcoming destination wedding, the primary consideration to look into is that the bag’s material should be high-quality.

Check the groom suit travel bag’s main material by running your fingers through it. It should have a luxurious and elegant feel to it – to fit the occasion where it’ll be used. 

Grand Garment Bag – Von Baer

If you want the extra luxurious bag, then you should choose the Grand by Von Baer. It’s a large garment duffel bag, meaning it has the suit carrier built into the lining of the travel bag, allowing you to take one bag while carrying a suit without creasing it.

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You shouldn’t focus on the luxurious feel of the bag material alone. It’s also recommended that you take into consideration bag materials that are durable and can withstand the challenges of travelling.

Some of the most recommended bag materials for a groom-suit travel bag include nylon, canvas, leather, or any combination of the three. These materials are ideal and effective in shielding your suit from all possible damage caused by inappropriate baggage handling of airport staff, rain, hail, and the like from nature, and so on.

Feature No. 2: Travel Bags With A Special Groom Suit Compartment

The next feature that you should be on the lookout for when purchasing a groom-suit travel bag is a groom-suit-friendly compartment. 

It’s recommended that you look for a groom suit travel bag that has a separate compartment specifically tailored for groom suits. Having this feature allows you to properly store your groom’s suit inside without worrying about unwanted fibre creases, staining, odour transfers, and the like.

Feature No. 3: Roomy Interior

Having a spacey interior for your groom-suit travel bag allows you to maximise the space available for you. 

When travelling for your dream wedding, you’re highly likely to need to pack a lot of belongings. They include your groom’s suit (the most important of them all), your alternate suits for the wedding reception and other events, other pieces of clothing and apparel, toiletries, and so on. Having a groom-suit travel bag with limited interior space will give you a hard time with your packing. 

Pick a groom-suit travel bag that offers a lot of interior space that you can work with. Not only will you have an easy time packing for your upcoming wedding, but you’re also going to have extra space you can use to store trinkets and other souvenirs from your destination wedding.

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Feature No. 4: Organised Bag Compartments

Ever experienced having to go through your whole baggage just to get a solitary item that’s stuck underneath? Avoid going through that for your destination wedding by picking a groom-suit travel bag equipped with a more than adequate number of compartments for better organisation.

Imagine the joy of having organised luggage where you don’t have to be confused about where you put your favourite cologne or trusty electric shaver – all thanks to the compartments available in your groom-suit travel bag.

Feature No. 5: Airport-Friendly Features

Feature No. 5: Airport-Friendly Features

Airport security and safety forces are well-known for their strictness. This strictness can sometimes be the cause of delays in air travel, causing headaches for travellers like yourself and your whole crew.

To avoid any air travel mishaps and delays, pick a groom suit travel bag that has features that are airport security friendly. These features include lockable zippers and so on. Having these features in your bag will allow you to breeze through various stages of airport security checks with little to no hitches at all. 

Look out for groom suit travel bag companies that offer bags that are certified airport travel-friendly by the authorities. 

Feature No. 6: Waterproof Bag Material

Concerning the first point mentioned above, you need to pick a groom-suit travel bag that’s made out of waterproof bag material. 

Waterproof bag materials help shield your bag and its contents from moisture caused by snowfall, storms, and the like. Some of the most recommended bag materials that are waterproof include polyester, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET), and nylon. 

An ideal groom suit bag should use certain amounts of the abovementioned materials in combination with other clothing-friendly materials. 

Feature No. 7: Sturdy Bag Foundation Or Base

Select a groom-suit travel bag that has a solid foundation. Pick a groom-suit travel bag that has a base foundation that allows it to withstand being tossed around during travel and the like. 

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If the bag that you choose has a reliable foundation, it can protect your belongings, giving you peace of mind that your belongings will be able to get to your wedding destination safe and sound.

Feature No. 8: An Understated Yet Respectable Design

Look for a groom-suit travel bag that has an understated yet highly respectable design. Sticking to the basics will help you avoid any unwanted attention while travelling from fellow travellers, travel officials, and so on. 

Tips To Help You Have A Smooth Journey

Stress-Free Wedding Travel: 8 Features To Look For In A Groom Suit Travel Bag

Stress-free wedding travel isn’t just all about having the perfect groom-suit travel bag. There are a lot of aspects to consider making sure that you and your whole team travel safely and in style while experiencing very little to no hiccups.

Check out the following tips:

  • Pack smartly. Roll your clothes to minimise wrinkles, utilise packing cubes for ultimate organisation, and don’t forget those stain-removal wipes for any unexpected spills.
  • Plan. Check airline baggage restrictions and consider shipping your suit if necessary. Book a porter to travel with ease.
  • Use technology to your advantage. Consider downloading travel apps that track your luggage on your phone and handheld tablets. Bring with you USB-powered portable wrinkle-removal devices and easy-to-carry garment steamers to deal with last-minute clothing wrinkles. 
  • Hydrate and relax. Pre-wedding jitters can be real, so stay hydrated and practice some pre-flight calming techniques. Keep in mind the following: a zen groom is a wrinkle-free groom.
  • Embrace the whole adventure, even all the travel-related hiccups. Keep a positive attitude, roll with the punches, and remember, the end goal is saying ‘I do’ to your dearly beloved in your dream destination wedding.
  • Bring a journal with you. Use downtime to write your thoughts and feelings in a notebook to help you calm your nerves. Additionally, it allows you to stay in touch with yourself amidst all of the travel-related mania and stress.

Make your wedding travel a stress-free experience by picking the perfect groom-suit travel bag. Keep in mind the abovementioned points to help you select the bag that fits your travel needs. All the best in your dream wedding!

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