Getting into that dress! The C9 programme – day three

Forever Aloe C9 Cleanse
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This post is detailing day three of my Forever Aloe C9 programme. It claims to change lifelong habits by focusing on good nutrition and exersise to achieve true and lasting weight management. You can read here why I am embarking on the C9 programme, and read all about the painful pre-cleanse I endured a few days ago. Day one & two went well, you read about that here & here.

Days three to nine consist of the Aloe Vera & natural supplements, but, instead of just one shake, you are allowed two meal replacement shakes & one 600 calorie meal. Yes!

Some fun facts about the nutritional benefits of the C9 Programme:

Aloe Vera contains over 70 different vitamins, minerals & trace elements. Boosts the immune system and digestive system and cleanses the body whilst aiding nutrient absorption.

Garcinia inhibits the enzyme which converts calories into fat. Plus, it burns existing fat stores.

Therm increases thermogenesis & boosts your metabolism to help you burn more calories.

Fibre helps removal of waste, improves cardio function & helps keep you full.

Aminotein shake – 2 shakes provide 100% of recommended daily vitamins & minerals, it’s easily absorbed, is slow release & promotes fat loss.

Day three has been an enjoyable food-filled day! Yay.

1/2 a scoop of Vanillia Forever Lite Ultra with almond milk, cocoa powder & natural vanilla essense made into a nice hot morning drink!

Like day two, I woke up really, really hungry, but I popped a couple of almonds and went on my merry way.

Only joking. I stared into the fridge wondering if I should break my cleanse and eat a lovely giant crumpet as big as my head with lashings of proper butter dripping from the holes….. I fixed my son some breakfast and a fresh mint leaf tea for me to see if it as thirst I was succumbing to. Turned out, the mint tea helped…for a moment, anyway.

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I had my aloe vera gel and supplements, doses of which lessen from day three through nine, but I was craving a filling hot drink. Boo hoo – I miss my morning flat white. So I chucked a teaspoon of cocoa powder into some almond milk and microwaved it, then added it to half a scoop of vanilla Forever Lite Ultra to make a nice morning drink. That was suprisingly filling and kept me locked up ’til about 10.30am.

I almost forgot! I was supposed to weigh myself today, and re-measure all my lady lumps! Incredibly, I’ve dropped 5lbs in 48 hours and 1 inch from my waist, 1/2 inch from my calves (!) and 1/2 from my chest. Though, that last half an inch is not so welcome! The thoughts of crumpets went straight out of my brain and I had a rush of determination to keep this up! I was craving a nice wedge of cheddar yesterday, but knowing I’m doing well so far, I am going to try to remain vegan for a couple more days.

I was still feeling the affects of yesterday’s migraine so took a short break away from my laptop and mixed up the remaining 1/2 scoop of protein shake with cocoa powder, frozen cherries and coconut water. That tasted like black forest gateaux. Who am I kidding? It tasted like a liquidised black forest gateaux, ok, I’ll give it that.

The C9 Programme by Forever Aloe
Really low calorie vegetable soup with cherry tomatoes, celery, carrot and loads of fresh herbs.

On day three through to day nine, you’re able to have a 600 calorie evening meal, which, although I am soooo looking forward to, I am aprehensive. After 2 days of near starvation (ok, that’s a bit of an exageration) I am wondering how I will manage 600 cals in one hit. It also has to be non-processed, natural fabulousness, and eating 600 calories worth of veg will be hard to swallow!

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So, I used my paleo recipe app to plan some tasty and nutritious dishes for later and nipped to the shop for a trolley full of paleo-this, gluten-free-that.

I couldn’t face my lunchtime shake, I was craving something really savoury. You’re allowed to swap a shake for a 300 cal meal, so I made some simple and quick vegetable soup with cherry tomatoes, celery, carrot and loads of fresh herbs. That was a welcome addition to my day so far. Really filling, hot and tasty! I didn’t bother counting the calories, because I know there was nothing but vegetables in there and was a small bowl. Honest, Gov!!

Cauliflower rice and basil tofu for my 600 calorie evening meal
Cauliflower rice and basil tofu for my 600 calorie evening meal

During the afternoon, I did get a bit hungry. The usual 4pm slump had hit, so I had a pint of water and a few dried apricots which helped see me through until dinner time. Knowing I had a tasty meal coming, that spurred me on.

For dinner I made some cauliflower rice by pulsing it in a little food processor, dry fried it and added sundried tomatoes, capers, roasted peppers, black olives and white balsamic vinegar, a pinch of sea salt and a big sprinkling of chilli flakes. I topped the big mound of the ‘rice’ with pomegranate seeds. For protein I had some basil tofu slices. It was good, but I couldn’t finish it, so my husband polished it off when he got home from work!

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The C9 Programme by Forever Aloe
Raw chocolate brownies – really tasty, and really filling!

I had my nightly coconut water in a wine glass – suprisingly I am not craving booze. Big shock!

Later on in the evening, I made some raw chocolate brownies from agave nectar, dates, almond flour, raw cocoa powder and cocoa nibs which filled the remaining room in my diminishing belly for the night. A nice way to end day three of the C9 programme!

Day three has been A LOT easier than day one and two, which is a very obvious statement, but I am carrying on wanting to remain strong and not falter. I have received a lot of encouragement from my ‘Forever Aloe coach’, Claire. She’s probably bored of hearing from me. “I’ve eaten this…”, “Can I drink this…?”, “What happens if I do this…?” She’s heard it all before, and is very knowledgable, so she’s been spurring me on. She’s not once made me feel like any questions are stupid questions. She’s also been through the C9 programme herself, so she knows all about it first-hand.

Something else that’s helping me keep on track is the secret facebook group with about 6000 mainly female members posting before and after pics, results, meal ideas and words of encouragement. The group’s introductory text says something like “we kindly request that you leave the group if you want to make excuses about being overweight, stay on the sofa…complain whilst stuffing your face with processed food & toxins.” I’ll keep my moaning to my blog, hey 😉

See you tomorrow!

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Getting into that dress! The C9 programme day three |

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