How Not To Bore Guests On Your Big Day

How to Have the Most Fun Wedding Reception Ever
People often spend so long making sure that their wedding is stylish and that the decor is fantastic that they forget to make it fun. Don’t forget that while you are the most important person at your wedding, you are going to be inviting your friends, your family, your loved ones. Don’t you want them to have a great time? Well, we’ve got a few great tips to make things a little more fun.

Get A Photo Booth

One of the problems with hiring the typical wedding photographer is that they’ll make you stand around for ages, while they try and get the perfect shot. They won’t get the perfect shot anyway because no true photo can be taken by people standing saying cheese, regardless how awesome the photographer is. We have a better idea. Rent a photo booth by Trez Entertainment or another similar company instead. People can go in, get their photo taken and have fun taking crazy pictures. What makes it even more fun is that there will be awesome, silly props that they can use to get creative with their photos. These booths are big enough for a few people as well so you can still get some great group photos.

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Music Is Better Than Words

There’s a simple rule with wedding receptions. If the DJ sucks, the reception is a dud. A great DJ will have people on their feet of all ages and understand the perfect combo of moving, touching songs and fun bops. You might think about arranging your own music for the wedding, and this can be a fun idea. But, there’ll probably be times when there’s nothing playing, and it’s just awkwardly silent. With a great DJ, you can completely avoid this issue.

Buy Cheap Fun Toys

Nerf guns and giant bubble blowers aren’t just fun child toys. They can bring a little more life to your wedding too. We know you don’t want your wedding to become a kids party but if you’re holding your wedding somewhere with an outdoor space toys like this will entertain the adults more than the kids. It’s a great way to avoid those lulls as things start to wind down and make sure that the party continues for as long as you’ve booked the venue.

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Don’t Toast Without Jokes

There’s nothing worse than dull toasts that go on forever with no end in sight. But it’s not about length, it’s more about making sure that they are at least funny. If you know who’s writing the toasts help them out, making sure they engage the audience and it’s never a bad idea to play with a few props like a projector. Let them show some awkward embarrassing footage from the guest of honor’s childhood to get the big belly laughs.

Have A Buffet

Lastly, it’s a simple tip, but it is worth considering having a wedding buffet rather than a sit-down meal. A buffet keeps things moving and people mingling.

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We hope you take this advice on board and make sure your guests don’t get bored on the big day.



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