Four Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Colours

Choose your wedding colours

One of the most exciting days that you could have a plan for in life is your wedding day. If you have dreams of being married, you may have done the whole pillowcase on the back of the head trick ready and preparing for the day. One of the most fun parts of wedding planning, however, is choosing your colour palette. Your colour palette can influence everything from the bridesmaid’s outfits to the colours of your flowers.

Your colour palette can even influence your wedding jewellery style. Perhaps the colour of the stone that you have on your necklace can match the colour of the room around you. There are so many ways that you can coordinate your wedding to make it a beautiful affair, but if you don’t have an idea of what you’d like to do for your colours right now, you should read on. We have got four tips for choosing your wedding colours.

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1. Get inspired

If you want to have a look around for different wedding colours, you need to get out of the house and browse the world around you. Head up to museums and flea markets, florists and galleries. Take notes of the colours and items you’re most drawn to, and write down the colours that you like together. Your wedding colours don’t have to be the same – you could use a palette of pinks and purples or yellows and greens. Just get inspired, have a look at things like typography and choose colours from there.

2. Flick through wedding albums of the family

What colour did your mother choose? What did your grandmother love? If you have great relationships with your family members, getting some inspiration from their weddings or even looking for colours to avoid, could help you in your quest for choosing your wedding colours. If your favourite jewel is an emerald, you might circle your wedding colours in the green palette. If your husband-to-be has a favourite football team, you might choose a colour palette based on that. Get some inspiration from wedding albums.

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3. Think about the mood

Is your wedding outside? If so, choosing pastels and colours that match the florals is a really good idea. Is your wedding in a rustic barn? You may choose burnt orange and bronze and gold tones throughout your wedding. Think about the kind of words that you would like to use to describe your wedding, and go with that. An opulent wedding, for example, may have a range of pearl, beige, and muted champagne tones.

4. Remember the wedding colour superstitions

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘blood and bandages? This often refers to red and white at a wedding, because it looks just like the blood and bandage signs of a barbershop – think Sweeney Todd! There are plenty of superstitions surrounding colours and wedding culture, but if you look at these for you ensure that you avoid any negative connotations of colours that you choose.

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