Drinks and canapés ideas for a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings may be less popular, but they can be incredibly beautiful if picking the right time and setting. A winter wonderland wedding can be a unique treat for all your guests, but the slight drawback of picking the colder season for a wedding is that ‘tis also the season of the sniffles. When it’s cold and gloomy, you don’t want cold food or chilled champagne, you want comfort food and drinks that warm your hands and make you exhale with a long satisfactory “aaaaah”. The wedding breakfast will speak for itself, but while your guests wait, with possibly wind and rain battering on the windows, they’ll want to snack on something hearty, but not too filling.

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To that end, we’ve compiled some nifty food and drinks ideas that will be perfect to hit the spot and warm your guests from the inside at your snowy nuptials. 


All too many canapés tend to be chilled or room temp affairs. Smoked salmon blinis, mini quiches, deviled eggs, tricolores… you get it. But when it’s cold, you’ll want to present your guests with some nice hot options. And it’s nice to have your guests’ health in mind, so try to make your nibbles out of nice and healthy ingredients. 

Espresso cups of Asian-style spicy broth or hot soup – this will be just what the doctor ordered, with seasonal vegetables and plenty of immune boosting extras, like ginger, turmeric and chilli.

Mini grilled cheeses – first off, these are awesome. Second, they redefine satisfaction. Fresh kaiser buns with warm oozy goodness in the middle? Oh yes, plus because they’ll be itty-bitty, nobody needs to feel guilty eating these wee indulgences.

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Spring rolls – these are party staples for a reason. Quick, easy and satisfying, not to mention easy to order, make and serve in bulk. You can play around with different fillings to suit everyone’s taste palate.

Arancini – Italians really are a genius nation, when it comes to food. These easily bite-size, warm snacks are super yummy and just like a spring roll or standard risotto, you can make the filling pretty much whatever comes to mind, so you can easily keep them healthy, gluten-free or vegan.

Lentil or stew mini-tartlets – tartlets are usually reserved for desserts, but why not put them to savoury use. Instead of filling with creams and fruit, why not fill them with hot stew or lentils – again, nice and healthy and the perfect mouthful of warm wonderfulness.


The following drinkie-poos will not only be the perfect antidote to bad weather, but can also easily be made in bulk, so should work out cheaper per serving than things like wine, champagne or cocktails. 

Hot toddies – come on, is there anything better during wintertime? Not only will brewing these bad boys make the venue smell like delicious Christmas, but if you infuse your concoction with extra citrus, ginger and honey, it will actually give a nice immune-boosting kick to your guests. Guests can spike their toddy with a liquor of their choice, but for the non-drinkers and drivers, this drink doesn’t lose any of its deliciousness when served virgin.

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Mulled wine and apple cider – not only are these the ultimate wintery drinks but since you’ll be in the right season, there will be no issue of supply. Mulled wine and cider ingredients will be coming out of every supplier’s ears, so you’ll easily be able to get a great bargain when buying in bulk. Plus – mulled wine doesn’t need fancy wine either. Yummy and cost-saving!

Irish coffee – not only will this be yummy and comforting, but it will have the added bonus of the caffeine off-setting the alcohol, so your guests will actually stay alert and get nice and energised for the dance floor frolics later!

Boozy hot chocolate – …seriously, need we say more?

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