Don’t forget the RSVP cards!

If there’s one thing that’s just as important to get right as the photographer and wedding invitation, it’s the RSVP card. Gone are the days when you simply tick “attending” – a modern wedding has so many elements to consider, that RSVPs have become as complex as a tax form. So it can be tricky to get the balance right – make sure all the vital info is included, presented in a clear and simple way, while still looking pretty and elegant. 

The first thing you need to do is nail down what pieces of information you need your guests to provide. Obviously, going or not going. Are you inviting plus ones and children? What are their dietary requirements? Do they drink? Do you want gifts? Are you arranging accommodation and transport? Is it a several day wedding, with different events? Is it a destination wedding? Is there a theme or particular dress code requirement?

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Do you want your RSVP to be formal and traditional or funny and original? Aaaargh! So much to think about! Rule number 1 with all these things – take a deep breath and keep it simple. The less a person has to think, the faster they’ll actually send you a response. When there are too many questions, that’s when guests start to think of an RSVP as a chore, keep putting it off and then the poor wedding couple are forced to start chasing everyone. Limit the guest’s options, keep the questions short and direct and this way, you’ll have a neater RSVP card, faster responses and far fewer data to process once all the special requests start pouring in. 

Luckily, RSVP card printing services like Aura Print make picking out the perfect wedding stationery a piece of 3-tiered cake. You can select a unique design, pick out wedding invites and RSVP cards to match or go all in and order one of their awesome wedding stationery packages and save yourself the hassle of dealing with all the other little bits you’ll need for the big day, like table settings, place cards and thank you’s. Select a design that you like best, pick your preferred format, select a paper type from their premium selection and all that’s left is to customize your names and details. Aura delivers top-notch stationery very quickly so you can be all set to send your invites in no time at all. 

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Also, here’s a handy tip. Before you get all over-excited and send off your Invitations and RSVPs – make yourself a crisp, gorgeous spreadsheet. Make sure to replicate all the info you’re including in your Invites and RSVPs in your document and that way you’ll be able to easily keep track of the responses and special requests. The last thing you want is to sift through dozens if not hundreds of invites at the last minute before you can sort out the catering, or the music, or the transportation. It might seem like a chore, but it will make your life so much easier in the long run!

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The Celestial Wedding RSVP card is a particular favourite from the Aura range – the stylish gold font and deep navy border give it a delicious, old-world air of being invited to a grand ball. But if you want your RSVP to be more light, modern or casual, styles like Prism or Chatsworth are great options as well. Have a bit of fun playing around with design combos and see which RSVP is right for you!

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