Diamond Quality: A Simple Buying Guide

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Here we attempt to get to grips with the basics of diamond quality, and what to look for and ask about while shopping for your diamond.

Below is a brief summary of the GIA’s framework for assessing the quality of your gem.

Diamond Quality: The Four Cs

The diamond grading system is based on using the four Cs.

This covers cut, clarity, carat, and color.

These work holistically to form the value and aesthetic appeal of the diamond in question.

For an explanation of each of the 4 C’s and to gauge what constitutes as a quality diamond, read on.

Why Cut Is An Essential Part Of Assessing Diamond Quality

The dimensions and symmetry of a diamond form an essential part of its evaluation.

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This is to fathom the value of the gem and what it offers to the buyer.

To begin with, we must eradicate the misconception that the cut of the diamond is the shape, such as diamond, oblong, or round, etc.

This is simply not true.

To grade the cut of the gem, the proportions of the diamond along with judging the jewel’s inherent capacity to engage with light sources and display a bright white shine (one of the many qualities adored by consumers) is important.

Therefore, the greater the symmetry and presence of equal parts of bright and dark light from the diamond, the higher the value of the gem.


Each diamond possesses unique characteristics, some of which are referred to, in terms of clarity, such as inclusions and blemishes.

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The presence of imperfections within the diamond only begins to affect its worth once they increase in volume and are accessible to view by a trained person with or without 10 x magnification.

The assigned diamond clarity grades to a specific gemstone are decided subjectively and can differ between trained professionals.

It’s essential to keep in mind that most blemishes and inclusions viewed by the naked untrained eye will not be seen.

For example, VVS (very very slightly) diamonds, may include minor blemishes or inclusions, but can only be seen with 10x magnification.

Otherwise, without the use of professional tools, you would not be able to tell the difference between a VVS and a FL (flawless) diamond.


The carat of the diamond concerns its weight.

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As expected, the heavier and larger the jewel, the price increases significantly.

Larger diamonds are thought to be limited, which plays a part in boosting demand.

Furthermore, customers want to purchase a diamond that is considered sought-after.


The color varies between diamonds.

Those that demonstrate a pure, colorless appearance and a translucent, radiant image are graded highly.

In terms of color, the most flawless diamonds are specified as grade D.

The grade increases by letter if the presence of color within a gem is observed.

A diamond with color present may have a yellow or brown tinge. One may buy coloured diamonds at reputable diamond stores.

Diamonds are rare and carry unique variations.

The Final Word On Diamond Quality


The grading system established indicates what institutions consider to be a flawless, excellent diamond.

However, a perfect gem to you may be one that’s considered imperfect to others.

Hence it’s advised, unless a premium graded diamond is essential to you, to choose a diamond that you or your partner prefers.

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Diamond Quality: A Buying Guide

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