Destination Wedding: pros and cons of having a wedding abroad

Destination Wedding: pros and cons of having a wedding abroad

As borders began to open around the world, more and more couples began to express the desire to spend the most significant day of their lives away from home in an exotic place. Everyone understands that life is short and a wedding is an event that should be remembered for the rest of their lives. For many, a destination wedding may seem expensive, since there are more things to take care of than if the wedding was in their hometown. However, if you want to save money but get married abroad, then you can find options to make it less of a pain to your wallet. 

Like all things, there are both advantages and disadvantages to organising a wedding outside your country. We will tell you about them if you are thinking about this option with your other half. 

Pros of a destination wedding

Pros of a destination wedding

Photoshoot in an exotic place 

The most important thing that remains with you after your wedding is not only the ring but also the photographs. For newlyweds, wedding photography is something extremely important, so they hire professional photographers who can offer brilliant ideas on how to make a photo shoot extraordinary. 

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If you have in mind the location where you would like to spend this day, then for sure, you choose a place with nature of amazing beauty. In addition, for your wedding, you can also organize something unusual that will only make your photo session even more grandiose. 

For example, Dubai is famous for its reasonable car rental prices. You can take photos of extraordinary beauty against the backdrop of a magnificent city and luxury cars. To save money, you can take advantage of the hourly Lamborghini hire Dubai and travel out of the city to take breathtaking pictures against the background of the Lamborghini and the desert. Car rentals in foreign countries offer a wide variety of cars for rent as well as reasonable rental prices so it’s a great reason to get adventurous on your destination wedding. 

Detailed organisation of the event 

Choosing this option for celebrating your wedding, you cannot do without an organizer. Depending on the destination, prices may vary, but you can be sure that this professional will take care of everything down to the last detail, for instance, an organizer can help arrange event rentals, catering services, transportation, luxury car rental, etc. A destination wedding is in many ways different from a regular wedding in your hometown, so the specialist will make sure that your significant day becomes unforgettable. 

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Plus, it’s a great option because you can relieve yourself of some of the stress. This is an unfamiliar city for you, and you will not know where to find a venue, what catering to use, or what photographer to hire. Such professionals will be able to become your assistants in all your questions and will have the best deals for you.  

Your destination wedding turns into your long-awaited honeymoon 

Once your wedding is over, you don’t have to go home. You can start your honeymoon without leaving the place. This will help you cut down on extra flights. 

You can think ahead about where you will live and plan your travel itinerary. As long as your planner takes care of all the wedding matters, you will be able to plan your honeymoon. In addition, your guests can also take advantage of this opportunity if they have not been on holiday for a long time. You can even take your dog for a family vacation.

Cons of a destination wedding

Takinoue Park, Japan

Guest list 

Someone wants a magnificent wedding, and someone, on the contrary, more intimate. If you want to invite a lot of guests, this can be a problem, as not everyone will be able to come to the destination. In addition, if you organise flights at your own expense, this will mean extra expenditures.  

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However, this is a great option for those who want to invite only the closest people. You can just rent a family minivan to organise transportation. Thus, you can save money on other things. 


Since you are going to have a wedding in another country, you must be prepared for the fact that things may not go according to your plan. Business is conducted differently in various countries. It can be cultural differences, payment problems, understanding difficulties, and so on. If you are going to organise a wedding on your own, you should prepare in advance for the fact that you may encounter unforeseen delays. 

To destination wedding, or not to destination wedding?

That is the question!

Planning a destination wedding is both exciting and a bit daunting. You will be flooded with new sensations, emotions, and long-lasting memories of such an event that you won’t experience anywhere else. However, organising this type of wedding is no easy feat and should not be taken lightly. It requires preparation, research and planning – from how guests could travel to the location, the availability of venues that suit your vision for the perfect celebration and much more.

With the right people by your side for advice or logistical aid – you can definitely make it happen!

Are you planning a destination wedding? If so, don’t hesitate to reach out to your support network which can connect you to resources in order to make your dream come true.

So go ahead and embark on this journey – good luck!

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