Creative Ways To Use Lighting In Your Wedding Venue

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When decorating your wedding venue, it’s worth paying special attention to the lighting. Certain types of lighting can be used to bring focus to specific areas, while others can help to create an atmosphere. There are many different styles of lighting – some of which may be better suited to certain types of venues. This post delves into a few of the creative ways to use lighting in a wedding venue. 

String lights

String lights (or fairy lights as they’re sometimes known) can bring a magical sparkle to your venue. They’re fairly cheap to buy and very versatile – you can drape them across the ceiling to create a starry night sky, hang them down a wall or even wrap them around a tree. These lights can be soft or intense, constant of flashing. In most cases, flashing lights are great for bringing energy (great for around a dancefloor), while constant lights tend to be more peaceful.

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Uplighting is a popular form of ambient light. These lights are placed on the floor next to walls, creating streaks of light facing up the wall. They’re great for accenting gloomy areas of the room that might otherwise be cast in shadows. Look for companies that specialise in uplighter hire and check out what types of uplighting are available. You may be able to buy uplighting in different colours.


Candles can help to provide a warm rustic glow. You can place these on tables or hang them in lanterns. Because candles can serve as a fire hazard, some venues may not allow them – generally speaking most outdoor venues will allow them, while most indoor venues won’t. By using protective holders and lanterns, you can reduce the risk of a fire. There is also the option of using electric candles (they may not be the real thing, but they could help to simulate that warm glow).

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Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns are typically hung from the roof or hung along strings. They could contain real candles or electric bulbs. Sometimes known as Chinese Lanterns, these lights could help to bring an exotic oriental touch. This lighting tends to be fairly cheap, although it depends on the design and how many you want to use. 

Gobo lighting

Gobo lighting can be used to project a lighted image or text onto a wall or floor. It can serve as a fun extra touch in the evening. The image could include a message such as ‘we’re married!’ or it could be something more personalised such as a heart with both your names in. There are a few specialist companies that offer this lighting (some DJs may even offer it as an extra).

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Neon signs

Neon signs can serve as a form of signage and a form of dramatic lighting. This could be a generic sign for hire or a personalised sign. These signs can come in various different colours from pink to green. There are companies out there that specialise in neon signs – take the time to browse through.these companies’ collections. 

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