Creating The Perfect Atmosphere For Your Big Day

Creating The Perfect Atmosphere For Your Big Day
On your big day, you want lots of different things to be perfect. You want the perfect venue, the perfect food, and the perfect ceremony. You want the whole day to be pretty much perfect! However, in order for you, your friends and relatives to have the best time, you need to work on creating the perfect atmosphere for your big day. The atmosphere will dictate how you feel and how your guests feel right from the start. So how can you go about creating the perfect atmosphere?

Put Guests Together Carefully

Designing your table seating can be pretty stressful, but do your best to put guests together who you know will get along well. If you know that two of your guests don’t get along or won’t want to be seated next to one another, then make an effort to keep them apart. Of course you can only do the possible, so don’t worry too much about getting it just right.

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Focus On Having Awesome Music

Whether you hire a band, DJ, or make your own playlist doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you have awesome music at your event that will help to set the tone. Make sure you do your research if you’re hiring a professional service, so you know that a band or DJ can be trusted and plays what you want them to pay. The music will play a huge part in how your guests feel!

Creating The Perfect Atmosphere For Your Big Day

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Get Kids Involved

If you have kids or your relatives have kids that you’re close to, consider getting them involved in your day. When kids read out a poem or something, they are bound to get some emotional responses from your guests!

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Give Your Day Some Character

Don’t have a wedding day like every other day out there. Give it some character and make an effort to make it unique. Instead of having a regular venue, you could look at an option like Big Chief Tipis to give your day more of a unique feel. Think outside of the box!

Give All Guests A Friendly Welcome

Stand at the entrance to your venue and make sure you give your guests a friendly welcome. There are likely going to be hundreds of people at your wedding, and you may not get to spend any real time chatting with them later on. If you fail to say hello and at least give them a handshake/hug, they will likely feel a little left out in the cold and like their presence would not have been missed. Show them that you are grateful they wanted to come and celebrate your big day with you by making an effort to welcome them.

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Use Lighting To Set The Mood

Lighting is a huge part of setting the mood, so make sure you think up different ways you can do this. Fairy lights and lanterns can make your day look magical, but there are plenty of other options too.

Make sure you get the atmosphere right with these tips!

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Creating The Perfect Atmosphere For Your Big Day |


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