Countryside Wedding Venues: Tips On How To Choose

Countryside Wedding Venues: Tips On How To Choose

Wedding days can often be an escape from reality for both the lucky couple and their guests. Countryside wedding venues make the perfect location for a wedding for this reason. Perfect wedding photographs, stunning views, and romantic accommodations.

Are you dreaming of your big day in one of the amazing countryside wedding venues in the UK but don’t know where to start? This guide will help you to understand the basics of finding the perfect rural venue.

What Type Of Countryside Wedding Venues Do You Want?

Once you have decided on the countryside location, you need to decide what type of venue you want to look at.

Say you’re looking at countryside wedding venues in Hertfordshire, think barns and medieval castles to farms and tepees, there are many options when it comes to rural locations. Even how you can customise them for your big day.

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Whether you are thinking about practicalities or your dream vision in England, Wales or Scotland, the countryside has a vast selection to suit all tastes and budgets.

One of the most popular of these is choosing a traditional manor or country home to house your wedding. Combining the luxurious side of the countryside with history.

Adlington Hall is a perfect choice for a countryside venue as it is home to expansive rural gardens and has the beautiful Georgian architecture that the English countryside is known for.

Where Is The Venue Located?

The second question that you need to consider when finding a venue is where the venue is located.

Although the countryside is beautiful, its rural nature means that it is sometimes incredibly remote and difficult to get to for both you and your wedding guests.

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If you are planning on inviting many friends separate from the core members of your family, you should attempt to find a pocket of the countryside that is close to the cities and towns where your family live.

This is especially important for winter weddings, where adverse weather conditions may make access an issue.

Does It Have The Right Facilities?

When viewing potential locations for your countryside wedding, it is important that you check that the location has the right facilities that your wedding needs to be a success.

For instance, some historical houses can have limited space in terms of wedding services.

You need to check with the organisation that your wedding has the appropriate facilities to house and cater for all of your guests, both in the interior and the exterior.

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What Is Your Budget?

You also need to consider your budget when booking the venue of your dreams.

Locations in the countryside are known for being expensive and get booked up far in advance.

You should make sure that you are prepared during the planning process.

It would be best if you started to plan your wedding budget before you look at venues by breaking down the costs such as accommodation, transport, décor, the dress, and catering and then splitting this into who will pay for what.

This then gives you a basis on which you can make your decisions.

Doing this first is ideal.

The most popular wedding venues often need to be booked from a year to 18 months before your big day.

Once you’ve picked your date and chosen your perfect venue, you can relax.

The two biggest decisions are taken care of, and there are lots more wonderful decisions to make.

Good luck!

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