A Happy Family! 8 Ways To Make Your Children Feel Involved In Your Wedding

We all know that around fifty percent of first-time marriages end in divorce, and that’s usually seen as a sad fact. But look at it another way: the success rates for subsequent marriages are much better, and these unions can sometimes lead to one big happy family, especially if either partner already has children. If you’re getting and have children, whether from another partner or because you’re only just getting round to tying the knot, you’ll need to make sure that your kids feel involved in the whole process. Below, we take a look at eight ways you can ensure it’s as special for them as it is for you.

A Happy Family! 8 Ways To Make Your Children Feel Involved In Your Wedding

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Build Their Excitement

You’ll be as happy as Larry at the thought of your special day coming up. There’ll be a lot of planning to do, which will take up a lot of your time, so take the time to get your kids excited about the wedding day too. It’s much easier to drag children around shops as you search for the perfect table centrepiece if they’re wrapped up in the magic of weddings. Build their enthusiasm, and they might just be more excited than you!

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Helping to Choose

Organising a wedding is the process of planning, coordinating, and choosing. Your kids won’t be much help when it comes to picking venues or trimming down the guest list, but they can help you choose the small details. When you’re looking for your wedding invitations, sit down with your children, grab some snacks, and browse Paper Themes to find the ones that are right for you. You can make a whole night out of it, and they’re sure to feel included when you buy the type that they helped to select.

Ask Their Opinion

Some decisions are too important for your children to have a heavy hand in, such as your wedding dress or ring, but that doesn’t you have to exclude them from the process altogether. If you’re trying on dresses, take them along and ask them what they think of each one you try on. If you find one you love, but which your child isn’t too keen on, then don’t worry: you don’t have to find another dress. Just gently nudge them toward the dresses qualities; children can be brought around to anything if their parents are enthusiastic!

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Arts and Crafts

You can’t have too many arts and crafts at a wedding! Let your children make decorations for the wedding day. They might not be of professional quality, but there’ll be made with love and will allow your kids to contribute!

At the Ceremony

At the wedding ceremony, your focus will be on preparing to read your vows and declare your everlasting love for your fiance, but you can still have your children involved in the service. If you have a son, consider asking them to ‘give you away’, just like Angelina Jolie did with her son when she married Brad Pitt. If you have daughters, then you’ll have a ready army of flower girls just waiting to be of service. Aside from getting them involved, this is also super cute and makes for the perfect photo opportunity.

A Special Performance

Are your children the new version of the Jackson 5? Are they amazing dancers? Is one of your kids a little stand-up comedian? If they’ve got something they love to do, then make them part of the wedding entertainment! There’ll be few sights more memorable during your special day than seeing your child up on stage, entertaining the crowd with the first song of the night.

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Invite Their Friends

Of course, weddings are mostly for adults, and in any case, you can’t always be making sure that they’re involved and having fun. You have far too many duties during the day to take care of for that! So let them invite a few of their friends to the wedding, and encourage your friends and family to bring their children too. While you’re off mingling with the guests, they’ll be off playing hide and seek somewhere, having the time of their lives.

Entertainment for the Kids

Speeches, classic songs, a raised glass of champagne…all pretty boring if you’re a child. You’ll have made sure that there’s enough entertainment to keep the adults entertained all night; do the same for your children. Hiring clowns, a bouncy castle, or other fun games and activities will prevent them from getting bored.

Take the advice outlined above, and you’ll have a wedding day that your children remember just as long as you do!

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