Budget-saving Homecrafted Wedding Stationery Ideas

There are many important milestones in life: school, college, your first car, your first job and then…getting married. You’re suddenly flooded with wedding invitations and gift registries. Pretty soon you’re going to discover the sheer amount of elements (and the cost!) involved in planning a wedding and making it look spectacular.

Stationery is one of the most crucial elements. It conveys the style and atmosphere of the couple and the event. Stationery can be expensive for a bride on a budget. But, luckily, we’re here with some great ideas on how you can DIY all these things quickly and easily, from the comfort of your home.

Paper, Print, Post!

Save the Dates, Invitations, Menus, Seatings Charts, Place Cards, Guest Books, Thank you cards. All these bits and pieces require meticulous design and high quality finish. With the help of a few trusty craft supplies, you don’t need to spend a fortune for all these things to look amazing. Ordering paper in bulk immediately cuts down on cost, so why not pick the same style and texture for all of your hardcopy needs.

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For a unified look use the same paper throughout. However, you can still do something a little different for all of the individual elements. Handwriting can be a daunting a task, especially if your handwriting is questionable. But – you can download some gorgeous fonts and print out stunning calligraphy all in one go.

You can also use some downloadable graphics to design some pretty borders. A standard printer will do, but for the best quality finish, try a crafting machine. Then you can even play around with embossing if you want to give your invites or place cards some extra finesse. If you have the time you could adorn your printed invitations seating chart with dried flowers, ribbons or appliqué. 

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Seasonal and Themed Weddings

Many weddings can blend into each other – pastels, outdoor marquees, Pachelbel’s Canon in D. So hats off to the more adventurous couples that embrace their unique personalities with a theme. Granted themes like Star Trek or love of cheese might raise a few eyebrows, but you can also do a subtle theme. Consider reflecting your chosen location, countries of origin or the season.

There is a beautiful elegance to a winter wedding. It’s crisp, clean, sparkling and you can embrace the magic of Christmas! Crushed ice, glittery cotton wool, fake snow, crystal ornaments and white frosted centrepieces are among the many things you can easily create yourself. Make a stunning setting without having to pay expensive decorators – bonus!

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You can find some amazing Christmas fonts here and start by customizing your invitations to get all your guests in the mood for a sultry snowy setting. Sew on little shiny beads or sequins to make it look a little frost-bitten. You could also stick little snowflakes or punch the snowflakes through the top layer and add a glittery sheet of paper underneath so it sparkles through the negative space. 

You can find some gorgeous inspirational ideas to help your chosen season bring out a wonderful atmosphere for your special day and the decor be that much more memorable – and instagrammable – for yourself and your guests!

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