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Do you want to make sure your bridesmaids know how much you appreciate them? Here are seven great gifts that will let them know just how much you care. From personalised jewellery keepsakes to beautiful flowers your girls will love these thoughtful gift ideas. Here are six great gift ideas for your bridesmaids that will make them feel appreciated, loved, and excited for your wedding day. (And don’t worry, we’ve got options for every budget!) So show your appreciation and pick up one (or all!) of these great presents for your bridesmaids today.

1. For for a unique gift, consider something handmade or personalised

When it comes to choosing bridesmaid gifts, it’s important to find something that is both unique and meaningful. Store-bought items can be nice, but they can often feel impersonal. Handmade gifts, on the other hand, show that you’ve taken the time to create something special just for them. If you’re not particularly crafty, you can always look for personalised items that can be customised with their name or initials, or a piece of handmade jewellery like the ones above from Carrie Elspeth. Either way, your goal should be to find a gift that they will cherish long after the wedding is over. With a little thoughtfulness, you’re sure to find the perfect bridesmaid gift in no time.

5 personalised gift ideas for bridesmaids

  1. Personalised tote bags with the bridesmaids’ initials – great for carrying all the essentials for the big day
  2. Customised photo album – a beautiful way to capture memories from the big day
  3. Customisable wine glasses – perfect for toasting the wedding party on the special day
  4. Monogrammed jewellery box – a beautiful place to store all of the bridesmaid jewellery
  5. Monogrammed or embroidered bathrobe – perfect for relaxing after a long day of wedding festivities
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2. Jewellery is always a popular choice for bridesmaid gifts

There are so many options when it comes to picking the perfect bridesmaid gift, but jewellery is always a classic choice. If you’re looking for something timeless and chic, opt for a pair of super-cute but cool huggie earrings by Daisy London, a delicate recycled silver necklace, or a beautiful ring that matches your Bridesmaid’s style like the options above. Perhaps ordering earrings online through a trusted seller would be a great option. For a more personal touch, try engraving a name or date on a charm bracelet or locket. If you want to go the extra mile, you could even have each bridesmaid’s initials inscribed on a unique piece of jewellery. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that your girls will treasure for years to come.

How to choose jewellery as a bridesmaid gift

  1. Consider the bride’s style and preferences
  2. Think about what each bridesmaid would like
  3. Take into account the cost of the jewellery
  4. Choose a colour that will complement all skin tones
  5. Go for something timeless and elegant
  6. Think about sustainability
  7. Shop around for the best prices

3. Consider Arabian perfumes for a luxury but personal touch

Looking for a gift that’s both luxurious and personal? Perfume, especially Arabian perfumes, makes for an exceptional bridesmaid gift. These fragrances, enriched with exotic scents, are not just any ordinary perfume; they are a sensory journey, evoking emotions and memories.

Each of your bridesmaids can have a unique scent that matches their personality, making it a truly personal gift. Plus, every time they wear it, they’ll be reminded of the special role they played in your big day. So, if you’re aiming to leave a lasting impression, Arabian perfumes could be the perfect choice.

5 gift ideas for Bridesmaids who love perfumes

  1. Perfume Making Kit – They can mix and match scents to create a fragrance that’s uniquely theirs, making this not just a gift, but a fun experience.
  2. Luxury Candle and Perfume Set – Combine a high-end body perfume with a matching scented candle. It’s a dual gift that will pamper them and add a cosy touch to their home ambience.
  3. Perfume and Bath Bomb Set – A pairing of indulgent bath bombs and a complementary perfume is sure to give your bridesmaids the ultimate relaxation and self-care experience they deserve.
  4. Reed Diffuser and Perfume Pair – help them transform their space into a fragrant haven with a reed diffuser in a scent that matches a lovely body perfume.
  5. Perfume Locket and Fragrance Set – A perfume locket necklace paired with a high-quality fragrance is a chic and elegant gift. Your bridesmaids can carry their favourite scent wherever they go fashionably.
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4. A gift card to her favourite store or restaurant is also a safe option

If you’re stuck on what to get your bridesmaids for their big day, why not give them the gift of choice with a gift card? Whether it’s to their favourite store or restaurant, they’ll be sure to appreciate being able to pick out something that they love. And if you’re worried about picking the wrong size or style, a gift card takes the guesswork out of shopping. So whether you’re looking for a practical or fun gift, a gift card is always a safe option.

4 safe options for bridesmaid gifts

  1. A spa day or afternoon is always appreciated, especially if it’s for all of you to reminisce together after the wedding
  2. A dining-out card would be a great gift to allow for some downtime at your bridesmaid’s favourite restaurant
  3. Consider a high-street voucher gift card for your bridesmaid to treat herself
  4. If there’s a particular brand your friend loves, a voucher would be a special and thoughtful touch for a gift; it shows you know them and their tastes well

5. Go with a home decor item like a candle or picture frame

Your bridesmaids are sure to appreciate a home decor-themed gift that they can use in their own homes. A scented candle is a great way to add a touch of luxury to any room, and an engraved picture frame is a beautiful way to display a favourite photo. If you’re looking for something a little more personal, consider a monogrammed blanket or an ornate vase. Whatever you choose, your bridesmaids are sure to appreciate a thoughtful gift that they can use to spruce up their own homes.

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4 ideas for thoughtful home-related gifts for bridesmaids

  1. If the bridesmaid loves to cook, give her a nice set of kitchen knives or cooking utensils
  2. If your bridesmaid loves to garden, give her a new gardening tool or a set of personalised or cute flower pots
  3. If they love animals, give her a pet accessory like a new collar or bed for her dog or cat
  4. If your bridesmaid is crafty, a crafting kit would be a great option

6. Flowers are always appreciated

Flowers are always a popular choice, and there are many different ways to incorporate them into your gifts. For example, you could give each bridesmaid a bouquet of flowers to carry down the aisle. Or, you could present each bridesmaid with a potted plant that they can take home and enjoy after the wedding. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, you could even have custom-made flower arrangements delivered to each bridesmaid’s home. Whatever you choose, flowers are a beautiful way to show your appreciation for your bridesmaids’ support on your big day.

7. Finally, if all else fails, go with food!

If you’re looking for the perfect way to thank your bridesmaids for all their hard work, look no further than chocolate! Chocolate gifts are always well-received, and there are plenty of options to choose from. For something classic, go for a box of chocolates or a chocolate gift basket. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, consider personalised chocolate bars or carved chocolate roses. No matter what you choose, your bridesmaids are sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness. So go ahead and indulge your sweet tooth – after all, it’s your big day!

5 ways to say thank you with food gifts

  1. Edible arrangements – these are always a hit and can be tailored to fit the bridesmaids’ dietary restrictions
  2. Customisable mugs with a personalised message – these can be filled with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate
  3. A basket/hamper filled with their favourite snacks, drinks and treats
  4. Customised M&Ms with each bridesmaid’s name on them
  5. A jar of homemade jam or preserves, personalised with a special message

Gift ideas for bridesmaids

No matter what you choose for your bridesmaids, make sure it is something special that they will cherish. They have been by your side through thick and thin, so show them how much you appreciate their friendship with a unique gift they can’t find anywhere else. Thanks for following along on our gift guide journey! We hope you found some inspiration for the women in your life who mean the world to you.

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