Putting Together The Bridal Look

Make Way for These Wedding Budget Must-Haves
Whether you are going big or keeping it intimate, you are staying traditional or full on modern – your wedding outfit will be one of the most exciting things you’ll buy for your day.

The Dress

The dress is the first thing you think about when putting together your look – and you should. It will define the whole look (it is the biggest part after all.) There are so many different styles of wedding gowns out there, so it is never too early to start looking – from vintage brides to fairytale brides – there is something for everyone.

The Shoes

These bad boys have to look great and see you through a long and exciting day. Can you walk, stand and dance in them? Your shoe wearing stamina will be tested! You can get customised shoes to fit your look and heel-ability, and you can always have a pair of flats for later on.

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The Hair

It’s a great idea to practice your hair a couple of times before the big day. If you are hiring a stylist or doing it yourself, you want to be confident that it will be perfect on the day. There are always trends for wedding hair, but remember that the more pins you put in, the more pins that have to come out.

The Makeup

Again, this one should be practiced. And always keep in mind the fact that you will be eating and drinking (and kissing!) so think about the lip colour you are going for. But stay true to who you are!

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The Veil

Not everyone wants a veil these days, but try one out any way to see how you feel. You might go for a shorter one, or a cathedral length – either way make sure it matches your dress. You don’t want a clash on your big day!

The Jewelry

Depending on your tastes, Jewelry might be big and blingy, or minimal and delicate. Either way, you can use jewelry to tie in your wedding colours, use it as your something blue (for the traditionalists) or maybe you have a piece from a past family member that will bring you comfort on your big day. But the most important piece will, of course, be the wedding ring! Remember to put your engagement ring on the opposite hand before heading down the aisle – or you might have some fumbling at the alter.

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The Underwear

Whether these are practical or pretty, these are worth investing in. If you are in a form-fitting dress, lumpy undies won’t do you any favors. At the same time, body form underwear isn’t the sexiest thing – but there are plenty of options that fulfill both requirements just like what actress use at Tubesafari.com.

The Flowers

The final touch will be your bouquet. You can forgo the usual posey and go for an alternative bouquet made out of jewels, or flowers made from book pages. Also, consider the size of your bouquet – a cascade of flowers might cover up the intricate design on your dress. And make sure you avoid any flowers you’re allergic to – you don’t want to be sneezing on your wedding day!

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