Bridal fashion trends you cannot miss in 2023

Bridal fashion trends you cannot miss in 2023

According to the World Wedding report, a whopping 2.2 million weddings will occur this year alone. That means millions of brides are expected to grace the aisle in 2023. And if you’re one of those lucky brides-to-be, knowing what trends to expect can help you create the ultimate experience on your special day. As the bride, you’re the centre of attention on that joyous day, and everything about your appearance and wedding event must reflect that. So, if you’re planning a wedding this year, here are four bridal fashion trends you don’t want to miss. 

Bridal fashion trends you cannot miss in 2023

Bridal fashion trends you cannot miss in 2023

Deconstructed bridalwear

Classic bridalwear over the years has been (and still is) the traditional wedding gown – one single dress that flows from the top to cover the feet. It symbolises the grace and elegance everyone expects from the bride. But you can expect a new trend to dominate this year as many people start looking to deconstruct their wedding outfits.

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That means creating cool separates between the upper and lower parts of the outfit. This design allows brides to easily change their look to match daytime or night with little effort. And it’s easy to pull off whether in a simple backyard wedding or an exclusive-use wedding venue. The design also comes with the extra benefit of being able to wear your wedding dress even after your wedding day. 

A sustainable wedding wardrobe

Sustainable wardrobes, including bridal fashion, are gradually becoming popular in the fashion world. If you care about the environment, you should consider creating a sustainable wedding wardrobe for your big day. And one great thing about this is that it extends beyond simply the fabric you choose to cover your accessories also. Your groom can also get into the act.

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Another great thing about a sustainable wardrobe is that you can re-wear your bridal pieces long after your wedding. That means your bridal wardrobe will not become useless after your wedding event. And speaking of wearing what you can wear after the wedding event, the next trend is also becoming popular.

Slipping into a pair of trousers

Slipping into a pair of trousers - bridal fashion trend

Versatility in bridal fashion will be crucial this year, as many brides look to maximise their budget regarding their bridal wardrobe. Brides and bridesmaids will look to create more versatility, and turning to trousers instead of gowns or long dresses is one practicable option. And don’t get it wrong; it’s possible to pull off the traditional wedding elegance without being in the gown. If you’re bold enough or have that edge about you, this is a trend worth checking out. 

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Longer sleeves 

Bridal fashion trends you cannot miss: longer sleeves 

As the bridal fashion world continues to take a dramatic turn, you may have noticed that the sleeves are getting longer too. Contrary to what many people may think, longer sleeves on wedding dresses offer a touch of elegance and timelessness without looking over sophisticated or uncomfortable. And speaking of sophistication, some add feather detailing to the sleeves to give it a little character and edge. Plus, longer sleeves will prove particularly beneficial in colder temperatures. 

Bridal fashion trends you cannot miss

This wedding season promises to be exciting and full of diverse trends. Long-sleeved dresses and deconstructed bridalwear might be more daring, but they offer a sense of comfort and elegance you won’t find elsewhere. Additionally, sustainability in fashion becoming an increasingly important trend. There is never been so much choice in styles that secure both beauty and peace of mind. Whatever your preference, be sure to make up your mind fast – before it sells out!

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