22 Best Ideas For a Beach Wedding

22 Best Ideas For a Beach Wedding

Simple beach wedding ideas often come to mind when you think about getting married.

What can be more romantic than saying your vows at the tide amongst beautiful scenery and a relaxing atmosphere?

In any case, planning your own personal wedding is a beautiful time in life.

Looking at different options, such as Excellence El Carmen destination for beach weddings, is a great experience on its own.

But there is more to figure things out than just deciding on a location.

There are hundreds of elements that make all the difference in brainstorming your event.

Let’s take a look at some ideas for a beach wedding planning.

1. Research Dominican Republic Beach Wedding Traditions

Once you start looking for beach wedding ceremony ideas, look into local traditions of the world-famous wedding location.

Pay special attention to the Punta Cana area as it has seen so many weddings that you can definitely find something suitable for yourself.

2. Use Seashells

With the help of seashells, you can create an absolutely unforgettable atmosphere.

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A few beach symbols here and there will only make you and your guests feel more connected to the environment.

Whether it’s a table composition or an invitation décor, seashells look great.

3. Find An Original Photographer

It is an absolute must for a beach wedding.

Don’t forget to check several portfolios beforehand so you can have a good selection.

It’s nice if you can also find a photographer whose previous pictures you absolutely love.

4. Think About The Design Synergy

Beach wedding theme ideas should all work together for better results.

If you have chosen to decorate your table with seashells, it might be great to also draw them on your invitations.

5. Prepare Creative Gifts For Guests

There is a tradition that guests bring gifts for the newlyweds.

However, why not give them something in exchange to remember the event?

It can be a small decoration, flash drive with music tracks or a photo frame with theme drawing – whichever suits your taste.

6. Consider Surfing Themes

Have you ever tried surfing?

It doesn’t really matter if it’s just a wedding theme.

For most people, it is just a romantic image that adds charm to any oceanside vacation, let alone such a festive one.

7. Check Local Advertisements

The best supplies can be found locally if you thoroughly research what the market offers.

For instance, you can find some useful objects to use among your beach wedding photo ideas.

This way you won’t have to bring anything from back home.

8. Add Flowers

This is one of the most important beach wedding picture ideas. Any place looks better with flowers, especially when it comes to weddings.

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9. Bring Variety To The Palette

You can have a whole lot of beach wedding ideas, but make sure that your palette of ideas stays diverse.

For instance, the most obvious color scheme in our case seems to be blue, but it doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself there.

10. Beautify The Aisle

The image of a bride walking through the aisle is one of the most important moments for many people when they think about weddings.

Making the aisle look beautiful is a particular mission.

It should match the dress and the general theme of the wedding to add value to the most important moment for the bride and groom.

11. Integrate Romantic Elements

The celebration will not be complete without a significant amount of romance flowing in the air.

Hearts decorated with light clothes flying by the wind, cute seaweed embracing the pillow for rings…

All the charm is in the smallest details!

12. Hand Painted Signs

Just about anything handmade brings with it a particular charm.

By making signs yourself, you can make them unique and save money at the same time.

13. Backdrop For Photos

This one is one of the coolest wedding on the beach ideas.

By organizing a photo backdrop, you will assist both your guests and your photographer.

14. Creative Competitions

Each wedding features fun activities for family and guests.

On a beach wedding, why not make these too fit the theme?

One of the best ideas is a sand sculpture competition.

It’s fun, unique to the beach, and also great for pictures.

15. Beach Themed Bar

When there is a wedding, there are always drinks.

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It might be way cooler though if you use unusual glasses rather than classical ones.

For instance, try seashells. How cool is it to drink champagne from a shell?

16. Rustic Chair Décor

Among the wedding beach theme ideas, we particularly like the one about decorating chairs in a rustic style.

Make them look like they have spent many years on the beach to now witness the life-changing event.

17. Elegant Sand Sculptures

Who said that all the decorations need to be bought?

Every beach is full of material for decorations all around you.

You can order some sculptures in advance, or make it a competition for your guests on the wedding day.

In any case, everybody will enjoy the results.

18. Original Beach Candles

You can use seashells that we’ve already mentioned above, or empty bottles reminding those with long-lost letters inside them.

But when it gets dark, your candles will light the way and make everybody enjoy the atmosphere even more.

19. Starfish Ornaments

Beach weddings should definitely have some starfishes here and there.

They can be used as small gifts for guests, table decorations, or practical elements of your photoshoot.

20. Symbols Of Love

There are a lot of great themes to use with your unique beach wedding ideas, but don’t forget about classical symbols of love.

Every little detail can be themed in accordance with your main motive – solidifying your marriage.

Make those love birds look like seagulls to fit the environment even more!

21. Fun Swimming Costumes

Beach weddings are usually held when the weather is good enough to swim, right?

Come up with fun elements for swimming costumes, and your guests will have even more fun.

22. Flower Petal Confetti

One of the best wedding ideas on the beach is throwing confetti to celebrate the marriage.

Flower petals are biodegradable and good looking, so nobody will be unhappy with your choice.

We hope that these ideas for beach theme weddings will help you have the best time of your life.

Don’t forget about a good caribbean wedding photographer for a beach wedding ‌to make sure that all the memories will be saved, and you’re good to go.

Good luck!

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