Don’t Let Bad Weather Rain On Your Parade

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When we picture the perfect wedding day, I’m sure that we all have a similar scene in our head: a sunny day without any wind and it isn’t too hot or too cold. Perfect weather to be outside in! However, we can’t dictate the elements so you just need to keep your fingers crossed and pray for the best possible weather on your big day.

What happens if you wake up on the morning of your wedding and find that it’s raining? Or what if it looks like it’s going to be a scorcher of a day and you are worried about the effect of heat on your guests? Thankfully, you don’t need to let the weather rain down on your parade. Here are some great tips for making the most of it, whatever the weather.

Look For An Indoor Venue

Even if you have always dreamt of an outdoor wedding, you should still try and find a location where you can take advantage of an indoor venue. This will provide shelter away from any rain and it will also provide plenty of shade on very hot and sunny days. In fact, it’s often a good idea to look for a wedding venue that comes with plenty of outdoor space rather than looking for an outside location that comes with a venue. It will be far easier to find the former, believe you me!

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Check The Forecast

You should keep on checking the weather forecast in the week before your wedding. This way, you won’t wake up in the morning and be in such shock when you look out of the window and see rain! The forecast is likely to change over the week so even if rain is forecast a week or so in advance, this could improve as you get closer to the date. If it does look like the weather might be fairly bad, you can then start prepping for it.

Offer Suitable Accessories

It’s a good idea to hand out some accessories to guests that will make it easier for them to cope with the weather on the day. For instance, if it is exceptionally hot and sunny, you might want to buy some sun glasses and bottles of sunblock. You can leave these in pretty wicker baskets in the wedding venue so that they are accessible throughout the day. That way, your guests can help themselves whenever they want to use any. If it looks like it is going to rain on your big day, you can always offer some umbrellas so that your guests don’t have to get too wet when they step outside. These items can be bought for quite reasonable prices in most budget supermarkets, so you won’t have to blow your budget on them.

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Turn It Into A Scene

Worried that the rain will spoil all of your wedding photos? Don’t worry; it won’t if you don’t let it! Don’t forget that, as long as you are getting married in an indoor venue, you always have the option of taking your wedding photos inside. Just speak to your photographer to make sure that there is adequate lighting inside. Otherwise, the pictures could turn out quite dull. But why not go outside for the pictures regardless of the weather? In fact, you could use it to your advantage and make a scene out in the rain! Being photographed in the rain can create very dramatic photos that will impress anyone you show them to. You will look like you’ve just stepped onto the set of Singing in the Rain!

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You Set The Tone

Don’t forget that you and your partner will set the tone for the entire wedding. And this will impact on how much fun the guests have on the day. If your guests arrive to find the both of you upset and glum because of the extreme weather, it could make them feel bad for you, and they might not enjoy themselves as much as you had hoped. So, even if you are very disappointed with the weather on your wedding day, you still need to put your game face on and try to show people that you are having a great time. It’s ok to complain about the weather a little bit, but that can quickly start to drag the mood of the wedding down. So, put your best smile on and go out there and help your guests enjoy the day with you!

Even if it pours down, don’t let it rain on your parade!

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