Background Checks: Is It Reasonable To Ask For One Before Marriage?

So What Sort Of Background Checks Can I Request From My Partner?

Background checks are common all over the world, particularly when engaging a new hire in a role that curtails some sort of a position of trust.

Getting married to the person you love is one of the most significant steps that occur in most people’s lives.

We generally look for a partner that is compatible, honest and trustworthy.

However, is it reasonable to ask your partner to provide background checks before tying the knot?

Let’s look into this a bit further.

Asking potential partner to provide background checks (with their informed consent) before going out on a first date is a commonly used practice that many people utilise in the modern era, and particularly when using dating apps.

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In fact, in a lot of cases, dating apps actually require that people provide a background check as part of their registration processes.

The harsh reality of the world we live in is that just like honest and trustworthy people that are abundant, unfortunately there are also people out there that may not have an ideal character, some of whom may become issues down the track in a relationship.

So What Sort Of Background Checks Can I Request From My Partner?

So What Sort Of Background Checks Can I Request From My Partner?

Before you ask a partner to provide any sort of information, it is also very important that you stay ethical at all times and abide by their right to privacy.

This means obtaining your partners consent and asking them to provide a background check themselves, instead of you going to the extent to get one yourself.

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Various checks are available to potential partners.

Below we have outlined some items that a background check may reveal.

Background Checks For A Criminal Record

A potential hubby who is not disclosing criminal backgrounds can be considered to be a warning light.

It is important that you ask for these items in a non intrusive manner and respect their privacy.

Eligibility For Lawful Marriage

In issues like this may arise from immigration problems or in some rare cases, when someone understands their prior marriage was annulled but legally it was not.

A criminal record check may reveal such items, however, drug related convictions can indicate substance abuse.

Further a credit check that reveals excessive debt or spending may possibly suggest addiction to gaming like gambling.

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A partner might honestly be in denial about this, so they may not think it worth mentioning.

Again, it is important to respect their privacy. If you are to obtaining background checks then do it in a non-intrusive manner.

Identity And Identification Change

In some situations, someone may leave their old life behind, moving to a new place to start a new life.

This can sometimes be with or without completely severing past ties.

You should at least have an idea of what you are getting yourself into.

Tying the knot to someone is an important decision and most people should not take it lightly.

The life that persons can show on social media like facebook, twitter or instagram is more often not exactly how their life or character really may be.

When obtaining any check, do so in an ethical manner that keeps the other person’s right to privacy in mind.

Before taking possibly the biggest decision of your life, consider how you can make a better and more informed decision.

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