Wedding Nightmares And How To Avoid Them

Wedding Nightmares And How To Avoid Them
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There isn’t a blushing bride-to-be on the planet who doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat at the thought of the myriad things that can go wrong on that all-important big day. We’re psychologically hard wired to catastrophize. It’s a psychological survival technique to protect us from those worst-case scenarios that we’re almost certain will never happen but that our subconscious is making preparations for, just in case.

A social gathering of any sort is a nightmare to organise and co-ordinate and when we involve several disparate businesses, food children and the famously fickle British weather, the amount of unknown variables for brides to obsess over is multiplied exponentially. This is why Wedinsure or any brand of wedding insurance is one of the best investments you can make in the lead-up to the big day. Like any insurance, you’ll likely never need it, but the peace of mind you’ll get from knowing it’s there is worth the money on its own.

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As with most psychological hangups, when we leave our wedding nightmares to themselves, they can grow and mutate to the point where they can ruin the build up to the big day. The trick is to embrace and analyse these doomsday scenarios as it’s often the first step to deconstructing them. Let’s look at some common wedding nightmares and how to avoid them…

Face-planting in the wedding dress

Walking down the aisle to the quiet adulation of your friends and family and seeing the awe on your would-be husband or wife’s face is one of the greatest feelings in a woman’s life. So, naturally, many of us frequently imagine ourselves falling flat on our faces half way down the aisle. You can easily allay these fears by moving around in the dress as much as possible or even getting together with your bridal party for a few unofficial rehearsals so that they can get completely familiar with walking with you and supporting your train. And, hey, if you want to combine it with a few bottles of wine, who am I to judge? Just don’t spill any on the dress!

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Getting really sick

Pre-wedding jitters and a frantic mad-dash to get all the loose ends tied prior to your big day are a recipe for an upset stomach. Many brides lie awake worrying about decorating their dress with a cascade of projectile vomit which, naturally, makes them more stressed and nauseous. Combining a week of stress management techniques with an effective anti-nausea medication will help to allay any fears of a rumbly tummy at the altar so that you can focus on enjoying your perfect moment.

Truly awful weather

A few stray clouds of drizzle or a few uncomfortably hot hours we can deal with, but what if your big day is mired by gale force winds and torrential rain? Tragically you need to resign yourself to the fact that there’s nothing you can do to control the weather, though you can make provisions to shelter as much of the ceremony as possible from the capricious outdoors. Frankly, nobody ever looks back on their wedding day and remembers only the weather.

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Wedding Nightmares And How To Avoid Them

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And, of course, a late groom

Just because men have an unfortunate reputation for being unreliable, very few grooms end up late to the altar (and when they are it’s usually due to circumstances beyond their control). Even if your fiance can barely organise a cup of tea, his best man and ushers will have your back.

Let’s be honest. There are many things that could go wrong at your wedding, but when you’re surrounded by supportive family and friends and in the company of trained professionals for whom weddings are their bread and butter, there’s nothing that can truly spoil your day.

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