Hiring a Car In Greece For Your Honeymoon? Avoid Common Mistakes…

Plan the best honeymoon when hiring a car in Greece

Greece is the island of love. According to mythology, the island of Milos was the island of Aphrodite, the Goddess of beauty and love. With its spectacular views, famous sunsets, romantic history and art, Greece is one of the best and most romantic honeymoon destinations in the world. If you are planning to honeymoon in Greece, it is always better to choose self-driving. Because self-driving through Greece and its islands is one of the best ways to explore this beautiful country and all of the amazing things it has to offer for newlyweds looking for romance and adventure. There are so many wonderful things to do on your honeymoon, including taking in the view of the magnificent Mediterranean and picturesque scenery. Unfortunately, organised tours can’t always meet your requirements. Still, rental cars will give you just about enough comfort and flexibility to create your own honeymoon travel plan.

As seen on Leiebil Kreta, Crete hosts several car hire agencies. This island is a popular tourist destination that blooms over the summer and is a very popular honeymoon destination. By reading this article, you can plan your honeymoon easily, get excited about your post-wedding adventure and avoid any honeymoon dramas.

Hiring a car in Greece: Greek islands at sunset

When Hiring a Car in Greece, Don’t Book Late

During the holiday season in Crete, you might have difficulty getting a vehicle. And even if you find one, you might be ripped off. That’s because companies raise rental rates when they expect major tourist arrival, as they see it as a chance for more profit. Luckily, honeymoon season in Greece is all year-round, so you shouldn’t necessarily see a jump in fees.

Thinking in advance will save you money. Many major rental companies offer online booking, a convenient way to book a rental car in just a few clicks. You just have to pick the vehicle up once you arrive. Why not start your Greek honeymoon in style by doing that at the airport or the nearest company branch?

On your return home, be sure to drop off a rental vehicle, which you can book here: https://www.junction21chauffeurs.co.uk/. At the airport, always come to the desk at least three to four hours before your flight, as the lines can be quite long.

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Know Your Options

When on your honeymoon and hiring a car in Greece, make sure you are dealing with a customer-friendly company, and always check your insurance before driving away. If it’s not included in your current policy, don’t forget to purchase extra insurance for your rental car. Buying it will ensure coverage from the moment you land in Crete.

Some agencies have shady practices that can cost you a fortune. For example, some will refuse to accept certain credit cards as a deposit. Others require extra driver fees. You might also pay a surcharge if you plan to use a ferry to get to your honeymoon resort. Make sure these are transparent and affordable.

Third-party liability insurance is compulsory in Greece. You should choose full insurance, which covers you in the event of an accident or collision. Get more information on mileage included and whether you can drive on certain roads. Ask about coverage for car parts like tires and glasses and whether other passengers are insured, too.

Your honeymoon in Greece should be as relaxed and romantic as possible. These tips can help make that happen seamlessly.

A rural Greek road, options for renting a car in Greece

Inspect the Car before Leaving

One of the most important things to remember when renting a car in Crete is to check your car thoroughly before driving it off. Record all scratches and visible damages and let the agent know about them. That will prevent you from paying for something you didn’t do. Your rental car will be home to your luggage and your safe way to travel as you explore the Greek islands. Be sure to protect it and remember its details to ensure your honeymoon goes smoothly.

Follow Local Driving Rules

As you drive down winding roads hand in hand, singing along to your first dance song, you will realise that Cretan roads have varying speed limits, with city roads having a limit of 50 km/h and highways reaching up to 100 km/h. It’s crucial to pay attention to road signs and other drivers as Greece has a high rate of car accidents. Driving on mountainous roads requires skilled driving and caution – but the views are worth it for a breath-taking honeymoon! Hiring personal drivers can ease your travel and add that truly special touch to your Greek honeymoon; you can sit back, enjoy the views and sip champagne as you visit the sights of gorgeous Greece.

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Remember to always observe speed limits and wear your seatbelt. Park your vehicle in designated areas and fill up the gas tank regularly as some areas in Crete are remote. Keep some cash handy as not all gas stations accept cards. Drive safely and enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

Greek ruins, perfect destination day out idea

Manual or Automatic Transmission

Vehicles with automatic transmissions are not prevalent in Crete. Greeks prefer manual gearshift, so keep that in mind before renting a car. If you’re not comfortable with it, be sure to tell the rental company ahead of time so they can accommodate your needs.

Automatic models are an excellent choice for leisure rides, but manual gearshift can handle narrow and steep roads better. It’s a matter of your preference; just make sure you respect speed limits. If you look for some tips on driving manual cars, visit this website.

Your Crete adventure can be memorable, but make it a good way. Avoid common mistakes when renting a car and obey the laws. By following these simple rules, you’ll have a much safer trip and save money in your pocket.

Rural Greek towns

Things To Do On Your Greek Honeymoon

There are so many romantic ways to celebrate your wedding day on your honeymoon in Greece, but here are our favourites for you to choose from:

  • explore Athens city hand in hand. Enjoy the largest city on the island and get the best of both worlds: cobbled city stones with hidden romantic gems and picturesque beaches and ocean water
  • hit the beach in Crete. Honeymoons and beach days are a match made in heaven; unwind on the shores, sip cocktails and splash in the sea
  • Hop over to Santorini and watch the sun go down. The sunsets in Greece are a thing of legend! Imagine the photos you could capture as you enjoy a Santorini sunset together on your honeymoon
  • Candle-lit dinner at a rooftop restaurant. Watch the stars come out over the island as you try local delicacies, sip champagne and toast to a long and happy life together!
  • Explore a Greek winery. Wine and romance, what more could you ask for on your honeymoon? Taste regional flavours, decide on a favourite and bring a bottle home for your first wedding anniversary.

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People Also Ask…

What documents do I need to hire a car in Greece?

If you’re hiring a car in Greece for your honeymoon or wedding, there are a few documents you need to have. To begin with, you must have a valid driver’s license issued in your country of residence and must also meet the minimum age requirements set by the hiring company. You will also need to present a valid credit card, passport, and proof of auto insurance that is applicable in Greece. If you’d like to avoid any delays and surprises at the hiring desk, make sure to carry copies of all these documents along with the originals!

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Is it worth it to rent a car in Greece?

When hiring a car in Greece for your honeymoon, hiring a car can be the perfect way to explore one of the most stunning countries in the world. With breathtaking coastlines, and winding narrow roads to explore, hiring a car is certainly worth it. You’ll be able to experience some of the most stunning places in the world without having to worry about looking out for train or bus times! Finally, hiring a car offers convenience – instead of waiting around for your transfers from airports or existing hotels, hiring a car will mean that you can start exploring Greece as soon as you want!

Can you rent a car in Greece with a UK license?

Hiring a car in Greece for your honeymoon or wedding is easy because the good news is that most rental companies will accept a UK driver’s license. However, it is important to check the rental agreement before hiring a car, as there may be certain restrictions depending on when and where you need to rent. For example, some rental companies will ask for an International Driving Permit if you are going to hire a car outside of the UK. To make sure that you adhere to all regulations and have the best experience hiring a car in Greece, it’s worth checking thoroughly before hiring. Enjoy your stay!

How much is it to rent a car in Greece for a day?

Planning your honeymoon or wedding in Greece? Hiring a car in Greece is an affordable and easy way to explore the country; you can expect to pay approximately $50 per day depending on the size of the vehicle. The price also includes insurance, so hiring a car is worry-free. Whether it’s a small city runabout or a luxury saloon, renting a car in Greece is one of the most convenient ways for special occasions!

What part of Greece is best for a honeymoon?

Greece is an excellent option for a romantic honeymoon and hiring a car opens your options for adventure and exploring. The best part of the country to explore would be Santorini. Located in the Aegean Sea, this enchanting island is one of the most Instagramable spots in the world and brims with historical sites, stunning landscapes, and delicious food. A personal highlight would be hiring a car to visit both Oia and Fira – two jaw-dropping towns where you can marvel at some of the most impressive views of the Caldera and enjoy an array of Mediterranean cuisines. On your honeymoon in Santorini, adventure awaits while you create unforgettable memories as newlyweds!

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