Autumn Weddings: Emergency Guide For Rainy Days

Autumn Weddings: Emergency Guide For Rainy Days
It’s your big day, but the clouds are looking rather grey and alarming. Although there is a lot to keep in mind on your wedding day, and you certainly have enough worries as it is, there is not really anything we can do about the weather.

Rain can, in fact, be quite romantic and cosy and many couples manage to make the best of the unexpected weather  – it can actually work in your favour, particularly with regards to the pictures.

Use this quick emergency guide in case of rain on your big day to make sure everyone stays warm and happy, and you’ll have a blast in any way; no sunshine needed.

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Make it cosy

Just like rainy days calls for comfortable days inside with your loved ones, you can easily make it just as snug on your wedding day. First of all, make sure there are enough blankets and throws for everyone. You don’t want any of your guests to be cold and miserable on such a happy day, right?

Consider serving up a big can of hot coffee or chocolate as well, by the way, and it will feel like the perfect autumn wedding in no time.

Think about shelter

Pretty and atmospheric as rain might be, it’s both cold and uncomfortable to be exposed to it for too long. We’d rather admire it from a distance, so make sure your party has some proper shelter if it’s an outside wedding.

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Marquees are, of course, the best kind of option for this scenario but water makes the flooring slippery – particularly coconut flooring which may be a bit more cost-effective, but terribly slippery when wet.

Consider proper wooden flooring if you worry about rain on your wedding day, such as some of these jaw-droppers at Fews Marquees, and your guests will stay on their feet even when it’s wet. The only problems with rain in the autumn are wet leaves and mud, so invest in a good marquee with wooden flooring and you’ll be alright.

Take advantage of the light

Photographers thirst for the kind of light rainy weather provides them with, and your wedding pictures will definitely make the challenges a bit more worth it. Try to gather under a large tree, for example, to make sure your clothes stay nice and dry – and remember to have a bit of fun with it as well.

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You don’t have to swap your nice shoes for rain booths unless you want to, of course, but open those umbrellas up in any way and make a theme out of it. When rain makes for such beautiful pictures, you might as well give it all the glory for it as well.

Rainy wedding days can be really romantic and cosy when you put your mind to it. Remember to smile and have a good time and don’t let the unexpected weather ruin your big day. The fragrances of wet soil, the reflection of sun rays through little drops of water; there is so much to love about rain, so why not just welcome it?

Image source: Pexels

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