A Wedding on Majorca

A Wedding on Majorca

Getting married where others go on holiday has several advantages. With its Mediterranean climate, the Balearic Island of Majorca has about 2,750 hours of sunshine per year. Spring and summer weddings will almost be guaranteed to have beautiful weather. With its many stunning locations, your wedding will be an event to remember and include a long-needed holiday for many. And after the reception is over, you can just seamlessly pass over into your honeymoon. If you want a convenient way to fly to your wedding or honeymoon destination, you may consider getting a fl private jet card membership.

Here is what you need to know if you want to get married on Majorca.

Possible locations for a wedding on Majorca

If you are thinking about a destination wedding on an island, a beach wedding will be the first to pop to mind. But Majorca’s geography has many gems to offer. There are world-renowned white sand beaches, remote mountains, terraced hillsides, and romantic coves by the water. Whether you want to get married by the sea, or in old monasteries nestled between olive and orange trees, you can have it all.

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Locations like the open-air church Església Nova, built by one of Gaudí’s disciples, or a wedding in the Aquarium Palma, surrounded by glass walls and aquatic life, or even with scuba gear in Europe’s deepest shark tank, will definitely impress.


Sure, you can look for hotels to accommodate your guests, but renting a holiday letting can both be cheaper and more charming. Websites like holidu.co.uk list available lettings by time frame and number of guests: https://www.holidu.co.uk/holiday-lettings/spain/majorca.

Booking lettings for large numbers and longer times is always cheaper, so consider asking your wedding guests whether they want to turn your celebration into an entire holiday.

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Wedding ceremony

If you want to legally get married in Majorca, you have several options and requirements.

  • Option 1: You or your partner are residents of Majorca. If you or your partner are registered in the municipality of Palma de Majorca, you can get married in the meeting room of the City Council of Palma. The administration fee costs €70, if the person is registered in the municipality of Palma de Majorca itself, and €150 if it is elsewhere.
  • Option 2: You or your partner aren’t residents of Majorca and not Roman catholic. You will have to get legally married in a registry office in your home country. You can still have a non-legal ceremony in Majorca.
  • Option 3: You or your partner aren’t residents of Majorca but are Roman catholic. You can get legally married in a Catholic Church. Your local church can help you with setting things up.

In Spain, all legal ceremonies must be performed inside. If you are looking to have a beach wedding, it will always have to be a non-legal ceremony after you and your partner have already married in a registry office.

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Wedding reception

There are no limits to your wedding reception. You can plan it there the same way you would plan it anywhere else. A professional wedding planner business will help you every step of the way, from finding the right location to finding the right food, to finding the right DJ… They are also familiar with local laws and fees and will help you navigate planning things in a foreign country.

Honeymoon on Majorca

After the wedding is over, you and your partner can just choose to have your honeymoon right then and there. During the preparations, you might have already learned about the many unique locations Majorca has to offer. Now is your time to discover them all.

Bonus points: Travelling across the island will be much cheaper than getting on a plane to a different destination, but you will still be able to experience many new things.

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