A guide to wedding suits for Grooms

Men, You Need To Prepare For Your Wedding Day Too!

Congratulations on your engagement! As the Groom, you are sure to have at least one of the most significant items of your wedding plans on your wedding planning list: the suit. If you need to ensure everything is in place for one of the biggest days in your life, then read this guide to wedding suits for grooms.

A guide to wedding suits for Grooms

Deciding what to wear to your wedding day doesn’t have to be stressful, it can be fun since there are plenty of options to choose from, and it usually involves getting together with your wedding party for some memorable meets.

So relax, the whole suit selection process can be done without any hassle at all. Below is a complete groom’s guide to what to consider when picking the wedding suit.

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When should you start planning for the wedding suit?

When should you start planning for the wedding suit?

You should start planning to buy your wedding suit at least 3 months before the actual wedding date. As part of your planning, it is essential to consider the following:

  • Research into men’s wedding suits; styles, themes and colours
  • Ask yourself, do you need a style advisor?
  • Can you take inspiration from someone else’s style?
  • Will you buy or rent your suit?
  • Where will you buy or rent your suit from?
  • Your outfit timeline (time for suit-making and/or any adjustments)

Sometimes the suit shop will be busy, therefore, it is important to start picking a suit as early as possible, and have a backup plan to avoid the stresses and strains leading up to your big day.

Basic fashion etiquette for grooms

Wedding details like the season, wedding theme, and venue will help define the Groom’s wedding suit.

The groom can choose between four classic choices as wedding attire type:

• Tailcoat
• Morning dress
• Three-piece suit
• Tuxedo

Remember, a three-piece suit is one of the most traditional options a groom can choose to wear on his wedding day, but it’s entirely your choice. Go with what suits you and what compliments the overall wedding theme, and not to mention, what matches with your fiance’s outfit.

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How to select the right wedding suits for men

How to select the right wedding suits for men

Your personal taste and style will play an important role when choosing a wedding suit to buy. However, you need to have some other factors in mind to get your suit choice just right:


You should choose the fabric of your wedding suit based on the season your wedding will take place. A dark colour is usually the most traditional during all seasons, but a heavier material may suit you during a winter or late autumn wedding. A wool-silk, 100% wool or wool mohair blend may be appropriate.

It’s entirely your choice whether you go for bright or pale colours when it comes to spring and summer or you could opt for a darker suit with a pop of colour coming from your shirt or tie. Colours like light grey, off-white, light blue, or beige can do your wedding theme wonders and look great in wedding photos.

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Wedding style and venue

You can have either a contemporary or a classic suit. A classic suit is famous for its details, like the lapels.

If you plan a beach wedding, you may want to throw away the classic look and go for a fresher and lighter three-piece suit. Or ditch the jacket entirely and go for a crisp shirt and trousers, or even shorts! Remember, beach weddings or weddings in exotic places call for breathable and lightweight fabrics.

If you have a country-themed wedding (in a barn for instance,) a midnight blue or typical navy blue suit will be the order of the day. Though, a casual setting allows for colour flexibility for the groom’s suit and the guest attire.

In a nutshell

The strategy of buying a wedding suit off the shelf with no forethought into the wedding details is a best-avoided one. Instead, consider the wedding theme, the overall colour scheme, and the location before you even think about going near a suit shop or website. Leave yourself plenty of time, do your research into the types of styles you like, and take some time to try some different styles and colours of suits before you settle on one. With this guide, you will nail suit buying and be able to look back on your perfect day as just that. Perfect!

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