A Groom’s Guide To Wedding Planning 

A Groom's Guide To Wedding Planning

The traditional way of doing things has long been evolving and changing to meet the requirements of the modern world. There was a time when a bride would be selected for a groom by the parents, fortunately, that tradition didn’t stand the test of time. The tradition of the bride’s parents footing the bill for the wedding is also rapidly falling out of favour. So, it stands to reason that planning the big day does not all rest upon the bride. It is as much the groom’s day as the bride’s and he too should and can have a say in the run of events. So grooms here is a simple guide to help you plan your wedding day in tandem with your bride. 

9-12 months before the wedding 

Yes, planning starts that early, if not before. At this stage you should be able to lock down your choice of wedding venue, the photographer and/or videographer, the menu, the transport you and the wedding party will need, and book any music or bands that you want for your special day. 

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6-8 months before the wedding 

Plan and book your honeymoon. The honeymoon is a great opportunity for you as a couple to make one of the exciting and more personal decisions together. Typically speaking your honeymoon will not be your average holiday. It is the chance to push the boat out and treat yourself to those added extras and the luxury destination you have always dreamed of. It is also likely to be one of the more expensive holidays you take so make sure you give yourselves ample time to get your finances in order to fund the honeymoon of dreams. 

4-6 months before the wedding

It is now time to organise your suit and groomsmen’s suits. Whether you are hiring a suit for the day, buying off the rack or having a custom-made suit this is the time to start making those decisions and necessary appointments. You will just need to ensure that your suit fits in with any themes or colour schemes of the day. 

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3 months before the wedding

Order your wedding rings. You will need to order and organise your wedding rings in plenty of time to ensure that you get the rings you want. Wedding rings come as standard or can be personalised in a way that is meaningful to you, just be sure to allow yourselves plenty of time. 

1-2 months before the wedding

The time you have been waiting for – the stag do. Now is the time to ensure you and your groomsmen and nearest and dearest get yourself out for a once-in-a-lifetime party. Whether you are looking for stag do ideas in Kent or stag weekends away in Prague, treat yourself to the stag do you deserve. 

During this time you should also be writing your speech, organising gifts for your groomsmen and tying up any loose ends before your big day. 

When it comes to writing your speech try to avoid leaving it until the last minute as this will only add to your stress levels. The more time you give yourself the more thought you will be able to give it. Remember the speeches you see in the movies are written by professional writers. Your speech does not have to be side-splitting or monumental. Just speak from the heart and make it personal to you and your bride. A few heartfelt words will go a long way. 

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The big day 

Firstly, a few days before the big day you might want to get your haircut and ensure your suit is pressed and ready. 

By the time the big day rolls around most of the details should be taken care of but there are a few things you need to remember;

  • Your wedding rings. Clearly, these form a very important part of the big day and you will not be popular should you forget them. 
  • Your speech. You don’t need to have it memorised word for word but it may bring some cue cards with you to keep you on track.
  • Mints. You will spend a lot of your day meeting and greeting guests with hugs and embraces, so err on the side of caution and keep a supply of breath mints to hand
  • Enjoy yourself. Remember this is your special day, not everything will be perfect or go smoothly but try not to stress about it. Be in the moment and enjoy your friends and family being with you to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. 

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