5 tips for the perfect Nantucket honeymoon

5 tips for the perfect Nantucket honeymoon

The dreamy island of Nantucket, MA, has become a leading wedding and honeymoon destination. This is thanks to its amazing beaches, top restaurants, perfectly preserved historic sites, lighthouses and buildings, and fantastic shopping scene.

It may be a relatively small island, but Nantucket offers the best places, events, and activities for all couples who choose it for their honeymoon. No matter whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, a place to party, or to spend time exploring the history and nature which are abundant there.

You can take some stunning sunrise or romantic sunset photos on the beaches, alongside the historic lighthouses, in the nature sanctuaries and the cobblestone streets, and by the quaint postcard-like cottages in Nantucket.

The New England island, dubbed “the New Martha’s Vineyard,” is just 30 miles south of Cape Cod, MA, and can be reached via ferry or aeroplane. Plus, there is a wide range of available residences which are available for rent, which is suitable for newlyweds. They have all the amenities you will need in order to feel pampered and special during your stay.

Suppose you have already booked the perfect rental home for your honeymoon and have those ferry or plane tickets booked. In that case, you can start planning your once-in-a-lifetime Nantucket honeymoon right away by following some of these tips.

Nantucket honeymoon homes

Choose the best time of year for your Nantucket honeymoon

The summer is the high season when the temperatures are the most favourable for relaxing on the beach and outdoor activities. But it is also the time when there are the biggest crowds. It is also the season with the highest prices and fewer options for the most desirable available rentals, restaurant table reservations, and privacy.

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So, if you want to avoid all of these, you may want to plan your trip to the island for the shoulder season instead. This means going to Nantucket in late June or September.

Keep in mind that Nantucket can be a magical place to spend your honeymoon, even if you choose to go there for Thanksgiving and Christmas too.

The best places to visit while on honeymoon in Nantucket

If you want to learn more about the history of the island and understand it better, then you should visit the Whaling Museum. You can spend an entire afternoon looking at some amazing artefacts, including a sperm whale skeleton and exhibits from the glorious whaling times which inspired the writing of Moby-Dick. Once you are done, you and your partner can admire the stunning view of the harbour from the rooftop deck of the museum.

Cisco Brewers is perfect for those looking to have fun and party while on their honeymoon. It is a place where you can taste the unique local craft beers, wines, and distilled spirits. You can do that in the garden while listening to live music and eating seafood and other snacks from the food trucks. You can also enjoy interacting with the other visitors to this popular spot.

If you want to take the best honeymoon photos for your family album or to share with your friends and family, then you should go on the most romantic stroll through the Sconset Bluff Walk. It will take you through the postcard-like cottages and gardens of the village of Siasconset. Then lead you right to the beach and the Sankaty lighthouse.

In case you and your partner enjoy exploring the wildlife, you can plan a trip to the remote Coskata-Coatue Wildlife refuge. There you can walk through the unspoiled flora and fauna. You can also spend time on the peaceful beaches and take photos at the historic Great Point Light lighthouse.

Nantucket beach line with lighthouse

The best things to do while on honeymoon in Nantucket

You can spend all day long lounging on the wide beaches of the island. Some are more popular and have more amenities, while others are more remote and offer peace and quiet for those of you looking for some privacy.

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When visiting Nantucket, the best way to get around is via bicycle. For an even more fun-filled adventure, you can rent a tandem bike for the two of you to explore the island from one coast to the other.

Another great way to spend a romantic day or evening on the island is to book a sailing tour or charter. Many themed sailing tours are offered. These include cruises with craft cocktails, champagne, fishing, whale-watching, seafood meals, and more. Plus, admiring the island of Nantucket from the ocean is one of the best ways to get a full panoramic picture of it.

Nantucket honeymoon destination, sand dunes and sea line

Make sure to take advantage of the fabulous dining scene there. You can pick among some of the best fine-dining restaurants or more casual eateries. There you can try out the freshest local seafood, such as oysters, lobsters, clams, and more while sipping on handcrafted cocktails, wine, or other beverages of your choice.

After dinner, you can join in the lively nightlife scene at The Club Car, Straight Wharf, or Cru.

Packing for your honeymoon in Nantucket

While it is a place where the rich and the famous choose to spend their vacations, Nantucket is not a place to go with very formal clothing and high heels.

Make sure to pack some beach clothes, linen attire, bathing suits, hats, sunglasses, white jeans, neutral sweaters, comfy sneakers, sandals, and flip-flops.

Even if you are missing something, you can buy just about any style and type of apparel from one of the many high-end and casual boutiques and stores in Nantucket.

How to get to Nantucket for your honeymoon

The least expensive and most romantic way to get to Nantucket for your honeymoon is by boarding the traditional Steamship Authority ferry. But if you want to get to the island faster, you can hop on one of the many regular high-speed passenger-only ferries from Hyannis, Cape Cod, or other ports in the area.

There are many commercial airlines that fly to the Nantucket Memorial Airport (ACK) from cities such as Boston, New York City, and others.

Remember to plan well ahead and book your ferry or plane tickets early on. This is important if you are planning your honeymoon for the peak of the high season because there may be limited availability for July and August.

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Image from Town and Country.

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Other People Ask…

What is the number 1 honeymoon destination in the US?

Nantucket, a tranquil Massachusetts island, is considered one of the top honeymoon destinations in the United States. Nantucket’s picturesque scenery, from its beaches and lighthouses to its premium hotels and quaint clam shacks, makes it a perfect destination for newlyweds. Nantucket honeymoons are featured in many honeymoon blog posts as the number one honeymoon destination in the US. With plenty of activities along with beautiful sights, Nantucket is sure to create an unforgettable experience that you will cherish long after your special night has ended.

What is the most romantic place for a honeymoon?

Nantucket is a great destination for couples who are looking for a romantic honeymoon! Nantucket honeymoons offer unspoiled New England beauty and lots of opportunities to explore cute towns with seafood restaurants, white-sand beaches and outdoor adventure activities. With so much to do, Nantucket is an ideal place for exploring together as newlyweds. Be sure to check out some honeymoon blog posts and lists of honeymoon ideas to get ideas on how you can have the most romantic Nantucket honeymoon experience!

Is Nantucket worth a visit?

Nantucket, an island off the coast of Massachusetts, is an incredibly romantic destination for newlyweds looking for honeymoon ideas.Nantucket offers a myriad of outdoor activities, from boating and kayaking to whale watching and seafood feasting. Plus, Nantucket can be easily reached by plane or boat from most East Coast cities. There are plenty of wonderful honeymoon accommodations — airBnBs to quaint little inns – to enjoy quality time together. Nantucket is a great pick when considering the perfect spot for your honeymoon — no matter how far away it is!

Do I need a car on Nantucket island?

Nantucket Island is one of the most sought-after honeymoon destinations in the United States, with an array of exciting activities to explore from captivating museums and panoramic beaches to bespoke boutiques and lively nightlife. It’s true that having access to your own vehicle will make things easier but there are plenty of alternative ways to get around Nantucket. For those looking for Nantucket honeymoon ideas, you may want to consider taking advantage of public transportation or even renting a bike.

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