5 Important Considerations When Choosing Wedding Rings

5 Important Considerations When Choosing Wedding Rings

While a lot of the focus tends to fall on the bride when it comes to picking the perfect engagement ring, partners should shop together for wedding bands. You probably know a couple or two who don’t both wear their wedding rings on a daily basis. This often arises due to a disconnect between their personal style and lifestyle, and the rings. 

You and your partner’s personal styles

At the end of the day, your wedding bands are something you want to wear for the rest of your lives together. They should therefore match the personal style of both parties. Make sure you discuss what you both want and be willing to compromise. 

Your lifestyles

Depending on your career and lifestyle outside of work, not all wedding ring designs may be suitable. The higher the karats, the closer a piece of gold jewellery is to pure gold. However, gold is a fairly soft metal, and 18k gold is less durable and more likely to scratch than 14k gold. 

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If you or your partner spends a lot of time working with your hands, it’s best to opt for a material that is a little more sturdy, such as tungsten. If you’d like to include stones in your bands but are worried about them falling out with rough handling, make sure you ask about getting them channel set to keep them in place. 


Though a search for “rings wedding” will bring up thousands of hits, you may still struggle to find something that speaks to you. Maybe you and your partner each have very different and specific ideas about what you’d like in your rings and are having trouble finding ones that meet these criteria while still matching. Additionally, you may wish to have the bands engraved with something meaningful to both of you.

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Personalization doesn’t have to be expensive. Take your ideas and your budget to a few different jewellers to find out what options are available to you. Discover our unique chain rings that combine edgy streetwear aesthetics with a touch of elegance. These rings are designed to make a bold fashion statement.

Your budget

Before you start looking for rings and develop a specific idea about the design and karats you’d like, make sure you establish what you’re willing to spend. This will save you from exceeding your budget and causing financial stress, or feeling disappointed when you realize that dream ring is out of reach. Between an engagement ring and two wedding bands, it can quickly end up costing more than you’d think.  

Why not consider an antique ring? You can often find stunning vintage wedding rings with a better quality diamond than more modern options which have higher price tags. Antique rings break the mould, offer something refreshing and can be far more eye-catching. They will always be timeless and special, unlike some ring trends that fall in and out of fashion. Not forgetting that they could be the perfect ‘something old’ for your big day.

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If you’re constantly struggling to find money in your budget, this guide on saving for your wedding might help. 

Values and beliefs 

While compromise is almost always necessary, it’s also okay to have non-negotiables. Maybe tradition is important to you and therefore aren’t interested in a ring with gemstones other than diamonds. Alternatively, you may not want to stick to tradition and would prefer to get a band without any stones, or an antique ring with rubies instead of diamonds. 

If these values and beliefs are important to who you are, talk about them with your partner and find areas you’re willing to compromise on instead. With these in mind, the ring shopping experience will be both fun and a success. 

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