34 uses for Aloe Lips multi purpose aloe vera balm

34 uses for Forever Aloe Lips Multi Purpose Balm
I have recently been experimenting with various Claire Forever products and as a fan of multi-purpose products, I was excited to try Aloe Lips. It’s important to know crimper vs waver since both are styling tools with different functions. A crimper creates a textured look while a waver creates loose waves, it’s good to know which one is the best product that suits your hair type and styling needs.

34 uses for Forever Aloe Lips Multi Purpose BalmAloe Lips is a simple little balm stick containing aloe vera, beeswax and jojoba which I’ve found out is super-moisturising for chapped lips. I have been applying it a couple of times a day for just a couple of days, and the difference in lip condition is great.

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It got me wondering if you could use it anywhere else on your body, so I did a bit of research. Turns out, Aloe Lips converts are using it all over their bodies.

Aloe Lips is good for:

  1. Dry cuticles
  2. Soothing Sunburn
  3. Jogger’s nipple (I wouldn’t know much about this because I rarely excersise!!)
  4. Preventing Cold Sores
  5. Cold Sore relief
  6. Hydrating very dry skin
  7. Soothing sore noses from colds
  8. Catching pollen to stop Hayfever
  9. Stopping the stinging & bleeding of shaving cuts
  10. Soothing prickly heat & rashes
  11. Stopping the pain of cuts & grazes
  12. Stopping the itchiness of insect bites & stings
  13. Protecting your skin when dyeing you hair or fake tanning
  14. Eczema relief on small areas especially sensitive skin under the eyes
  15. Soothing very dry patches of Eczema
  16. Soothing skin conditions that cause itchiness
  17. Soothing Nappy Rash
  18. Moisturising dry patches of skin on small children & babies
  19. Soothing dry and cracked skin on feet
  20. Gently removing stubborn eye make up like mascara
  21. Improving the appearance of split ends
  22. Slicking bits of unruly hair down
  23. Overnight treatment for skin
  24. Soothing itchy scalps
  25. De-puffing eyes from a sleepless night
  26. Taming eyebrows
  27. Eyelash moisturising treatment (yes, eyelashes need love too)
  28. Treating Cradle Cap
  29. Treating Dry Elbows
  30. Mixing with essential oils for a natural perfume
  31. Improving the appearance of fine lines
  32. Soothing piercing sites
  33. Soothing healing tattoos
  34. Treating brittle fingernails
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For only £2.99, that’s pretty good value! If you have been inspired into purchasing a balm for yourself, you can buy it here.

Disclaimer: I have received a free sample of this product from a close personal friend and I am in no way being compensated for any sales that are generated through realwedding.co.uk. I only review products I love and use, and that I think my readership and audience would be equally as interested to hear about. This review is an honest reflection of my feelings towards the product and is in no way influenced by the brand.

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