What Would Your Wedding Look Like If You Won The Lottery?

What Would Your Wedding Look Like If You Won The Lottery?

We all want to win the lottery, don’t we? Well, I do. What I would spend the money on!!

Firstly, I would buy a huge house outright so I could ditch the vast mortgage bill that empties my bank account every month. I would buy my car outright, so that saves an extra couple of hundred quid, and I would take my whole family on the biggest and best holiday for 6 months at least 😉

I don’t want much, do I? Oh, and add a Mulberry handbag to that list, too.

I wouldn’t change my wedding for the world…

I wouldn’t actually change my wedding for the world. It was just the most magical day, spent with all my loved ones. On the day, and after I had said my vows, I remember feeling as though the ceremony was enough for me, and that the reception part was a bit of a ‘keeping up appearances’ exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the party, probably a bit too much judging by my hangover the next day, but the ceremony was an outpouring of love to my husband, Andy, and it just felt ‘enough’.

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But… I guess if money was no object, I would probably pimp that shiz up a bit. We scrimped and saved for our wedding for about 6 months, and we practically DIY’d the whole thing due to wanting more than we could actually afford. We even self catered. This we would NOT do again.

It was incredibly stressful to organise the wedding, to do most things ourselves, and it caused me a lot of anxiety that I would not wish to repeat. That’s not to say “DON’T DO DIY, but, with that in mind, I have gathered some beautiful images and ideas that, should I win the lottery one day, I can renew my vows looking super hot, in beautiful surroundings, eating incredible looking cake, and dancing the night away to an amazing band or artist. Oh, and I’d hire a wedding planner so I didn’t have to lift a finger unless I wanted to.

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What Would Your Wedding Look Like If You Won The Lottery?

All this talk of winning the lottery…

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I wanted to tell you about Lottoland. It’s kinda like playing the lotteries that we are used to, but instead of playing the lotteries themselves, you bet on the outcome, which opens up your chances to play on lotteries across the world.

Betting over on Lottoland is super fun, and there is a great page to explain it all in more detail, here. You can bet on PowerballEuromillions, and the Irish Lotto (which has incredible odds of winning a prize), to name a few. If you, like me, are hungry for a bit of a buzz, and want a chance to win a few bucks on your first go, for free, why not give it a try?

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Maybe my friends over at Lottoland will make your dream wedding a little bit more in reach – just don’t go spending all your wedding budget at once 😉

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