Getting The Music Right On Your Wedding Day

Getting The Music Right On Your Wedding Day

There are so many different elements that come together when planning a wedding. However, there is no denying that entertainment is one of the most important. After all, the last thing you want is for your guests to remark that your wedding was boring. Music plays a key role in ensuring everyone has fun and that the atmosphere is right for your special day. So, let’s take a look at some great tips on choosing music for your wedding…

Your first dance song

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Only you know what your first dance song is going to be! Choose something that is special to you both. To ensure there are no hiccups, if your first dance song is going to be a pre-recorded track, it’s probably best to bring it on a blank CD for the DJ to play. That way, you can make sure nothing goes wrong.

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It may be your wedding, but you need to choose music that everyone is going to love

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If you are a fan of heavy metal, playing this genre of music and nothing else isn’t going to go down very well. Yes, it is your wedding day. Yes, it is all about you and your other half. However, if you want people to have fun, you’re going to have to compromise. Hiring a party band that plays a mix of genres is always better, as everyone’s tastes will be catered to in some way or another.

What NOT to play

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When figuring out what songs to play, it’s a good idea by making a list of all of the things you should not play. For example, it is probably best to leave songs with swear words out, as you don’t want anyone at your wedding to be offended.

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Have some fun with your music choices

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There are going to be a number of moments throughout your wedding whereby music is required. Of course, there is your first dance song, and there is the moment you walk up the aisle too. But what about the moment the ceremony finishes and you walk down the aisle as a couple? Or, what about when you are cutting the cake? These are great opportunities for you to pick songs that show off your personality.

Hear them first

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Last but not least, so many people book musicians without listening to them first, and they live to regret it. Most bands will do shows in various pubs and other venues in their local area, and often nationwide too, so there should be plenty of opportunities for you to check them out in person.

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Hopefully, you now feel more prepared for choosing the music for your wedding day. There is a lot to take into account and you will have many different options to choose from. However, if you follow the advice provided, you are sure to make the perfect decision for you.

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