Ways to Make Your Wedding Guests Excited for the Big Day

Ways to Make Your Wedding Guests Excited for the Big Day

Your wedding day might be mostly about you and your spouse, but if you want it to be a great occasion, it should be more than a little about your guests too. After all, your wedding won’t be much fun if your guests are grumpy and make it obvious that they’d rather be anywhere else.

Your guests want to share in your joy, but if they’re neglected, it isn’t easy for them to get into the right spirit. Luckily, there are lots of things you can do to get your guests excited for the big day and ensure they have a good time. Here are some of them:

Send Great Invitations

First of all, you will want to build anticipation for the wedding by sending out great invites. Instead of sending out a dry card with little more than the details of the venue, choose one of the many beautiful Paper Themes here, personalized with the kinds of things you know your guests will be interested to hear about (food, free cocktails, beautiful venue, etc.). This will pique their interest and start to get them excited.

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Start a Wedding Newsletter

If you have the kind of friends and family who would enjoy this kind of thing, consider starting your own wedding newsletter, which can be sent out by email, to keep guests up to date on the latest developments. These shouldn’t be primarily focused on you and your spouse, but they should include things like the creation of a signature cocktail, a glimpse of the entertainment and a preview of the menu. These are the things that will get your guests excited. Your choice of napkins probably won’t.

Keepsakes for All

Ways to Make Your Wedding Guests Excited for the Big Day

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Usually, keepsakes like buttonholes are reserved solely for the wedding party,  but if you want to get your guests more engaged, why not give them all one? You might also want to create a tailored gift or wedding favor for each and every guest to show your appreciation and ensure that they’re happy for the duration of the reception. Sure, if you have a lot of guests, it’ll be an extra expense, but it’s worth it to ensure a good time is had by all.

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Leave Toiletries in the Bathroom

Another fun thing to do for your guests, especially the girls, is to leave baskets of high-quality toiletries in your venue’s bathrooms so that they can freshen up and reapply their makeup. If they look good, feel comfortable and get to pamper themselves, they’re sure to stay pumped up throughout the day and long into the night. You’ll be their favorite bride ever, too!

Personalized Place Card Messages

Leaving a personal message on each of your guests’ place card will make them smile and appreciate the effort you’ve gone to, so they’ll really want to get into the spirit of things. Messages that reminisce about a special time you shared together always goes down well, as do funny anecdotes and in-jokes.

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Keep Kids Entertained

Ways to Make Your Wedding Guests Excited for the Big Day

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Allowing your guests to bring their kids will make you a hero, but laying on special entertainment for them (clowns, magicians) will make you a legend. As will providing a table with coloring books, books and toys to keep them busy.

As you can see, keeping your guests happy and excited about your big day is pretty easy, and it will make your wedding even better!

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