What To Hire For Your Wedding Day

What To Hire For Your Wedding Day

There’s actually so much more involved in a wedding day than just the dress, the venue, and the guests. There’s so many intricate little details that you need to remember in the months before the wedding day.

A lot of it is thinking about what needs to be hired to have the perfect day. When you start jotting it down, you’ll feel as though the price will just keep going up and up. But fear not, as expensive as weddings are, it’s the price you pay to have the most magical day, one you will remember forever. So, if you’re struggling to think of what to hire for your wedding day, here’s a few ideas for you.


What To Hire For Your Wedding DayIf you’re having the wedding reception in an indoor venue that usually hosts them, then chances are that they’ll be able to provide the furniture for you. But, there are some locations that you might like to chose that would mean you would have to look into furniture hire for the event.

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For example, if you were looking at choosing an outdoor venue for the reception, you would need to hire a few things. But an outdoor wedding reception, providing the weather is nice, would be one of the nicest things you can do. With the sun shining, everyone outdoors having fun, and you can make it look absolutely amazing as night starts to fall. A cool idea would be to hire a barn conversion, fill it with hired furniture, and have a hog roast and buffet to feed your guests. It’s something alternative and more relaxed to the usual formal meals.

Dresses & Suits

What To Hire For Your Wedding Day

Some of you girls reading this will be massively against this idea, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t hire the dresses, or especially the suits. They’re so so expensive to buy outright, and you know you’re hopefully only ever going to wear that wedding dress once.

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So, rather than spending thousands on something that will only sit in the loft for years and years to come, why not just rent and give it back a few days later. You still have the photos to look back on, and you’ll still look just as lovely on the day. It’ll just mean you’ll be spending hundreds rather than thousands, and you should always be looking to save money when it comes to a wedding where possible.

Fun Extras

What To Hire For Your Wedding Day

A wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without the fun little extras you can add to make the whole day a little bit better. If you know you’re having children there for hours at a time, keep them entertained with a children’s entertainer. You could have a superhero or disney princess to keep them entertained!

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As for the adults, fun little additions such as photo booths taking funny pictures, some companies include props to make the best pictures. Or you could have something a little more fancy such as a champagne waterfall, meaning all the guests can pretty much have champagne on tap!

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