Nine Tips For The Perfect Spring Wedding

Nine Tips For The Perfect Spring Wedding

There is something romantic about spring weddings. They are full of greenery and flowers, and you can enjoy some sunshine as well. While the weather in the spring is less predictable, you can still enjoy an outdoor reception, but need to have a Plan B, just in case there is a rain cloud heading your way on the special day. You can also wear your stunning dress without the long sleeves, and go on a ride in a convertible if you feel like it.

Spring weddings can be great for couples who want to save money on their honeymoon and avoid the peak autumn season for the best prices. Find out below what you need to do the plan the perfect spring wedding

1. Choose the Venue Carefully

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Even if it is warm outside most days, you might want to have a plan B when organising an outdoor wedding. You can have a tent set up just in case the weather turns cold, or there is some rain, and make sure that you get some portable heaters that you can install in the wedding marquee. Choose tables and chairs that are easy to move indoors in case you have to escape from the rain. If you hire a venue with an outdoor seating area, make sure you can use the indoor meeting room, too, when you need to.

2. Floral Themed Wedding Stationery

Floral wedding invitations

Spring is all about bloom and glory. You should use floral patterns on your stationery and decoration, including the name cards and invitations. Add some colour to the tablecloths, and don’t settle for the boring white or silver. A discreet floral pattern will go a long way. Add dried flowers to your napkin rings and placemats, or create your signs using flowers.

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3. Seasonal Flowers

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The good news is that in the spring there will be no shortage of flowers, and they will be cheaper than during the winter. Choose the ones that are in season, such as tulips to save money, and start growing some yourself in the garden to put on the table. The sooner you order your floral decorations for your wedding the better price you will get, so don’t leave it to the last minute. If you are an outdoor lover, you can pick your own wildflowers for a romantic theme.

4. Choose Your Photoshoot Location

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The best thing about having a wedding in the spring is that you will have plenty of options when choosing your photoshoot location for your wedding photos. You can visit your local park, the garden of a nearby castle, or your favorite landscape in your hometown. Whichever you choose, you need to make sure there are plenty of greens, yellows, and oranges to compliment your photos. A local botanic garden can be the perfect wedding photo location, but you need to make sure you get the lighting right.

5. Colourful Food and Edible Flowers

Colourful wedding food

To make the atmosphere of your wedding more joyful and pleasant, go for colourful food. Add colour to your cake, and use different fresh vegetables to decorate the plates. Get a large bowl of colourful fruit salad made, and add plenty of jelly for kids attending your reception. Edible flowers can give you an opportunity to add colour and flavor to your dishes, and they can impress even the most picky of your friends. Add pansies to your salads, and roses to your seafood for colour.

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6. Floral Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Floral Bridesmaid Dresses

To make the most out of your spring theme, you can break up with traditions, and get a floral patterned material to get your bridesmaids’ dresses made to measure. Use bold and vivid colours, so they perfectly complement your own dress and they look good on your photos. Ditch the tiaras, and get natural flower crowns for everyone, based on their personality, hair, and eye colour. Get a flower bracelet for every guest made, so they can truly embrace your spring wedding theme.

7. Plan B for Rainy Days

Rainy wedding day

It is important that you have a Plan B for when the winter does its worst. If you booked an outdoor venue, have another one in place just in case. If you are planning a beach wedding, make sure that the reception venue is also available, or the hotel can supply you with alternative weatherproof accommodation, or your wedding can be ruined by rain.

8. Get the Lighting Right

Getting the lighting right in the night and during the day is equally important. Sit down with your wedding photographer to ask them what type of lighting they need for each location. If you are having a church wedding, make sure that you choose a time of the day when there is no direct sunlight on the altar, or your wedding photographer will have a hard time to make the most of your pictures. Likewise, with outdoor pictures, you need to make sure you visit the sites when you can make the most out of natural light.

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9. Choose Your Wedding Dress Wisely

When it comes to finding a Bespoke Wedding Dress, you need to be prepared for all events. First of all, you should feel comfortable and warm enough. Wedding dresses that come with a bolero are a great choice for the spring, as they will keep you warm when you need extra cover, and help you make the most out of your dress when it is warm. You can also get special blazers or coats ordered with your dress that matches the style, so you can go for the sleeveless tailoring, but don’t have to freeze waiting for your ride to turn up.

Spring weddings can be unforgettable, and represent a new start. Make the most out of the abundance of greenery and flowers, as well as the natural light. Plan for rain and storms just in case, but have a positive attitude. Use flowers to create unique decorations and make your wedding as colourful as possible, so you and your guests will remember the day for many years to come. Spring weddings can be fun, colourful, and full of joy.

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9 Tips for the perfect spring wedding

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