Real Hen Diary – the aftermath

Real Hen Diary – the aftermath

If you read my first installment of my Hen Weekend worries, this should help to fill in the gaps somewhat!


I arrived at Milden Hall, near Lavenham in Suffolk at about 6pm on Friday 22nd October 2010, greeted by my Bridesmaids who had been cunningly decorating the place with balloons/banners and general tacky and girly decorations!

I had no idea what was ahead of me, so was pretty nervous! We dumped our bags, looked around the huge barn and cracked open some bubbly.

Pizza and games

When everyone arrived, we sat down to a pizza dinner and played 80s bingo. My Bridesmaids had arranged prizes so no one was a loser. We scrabbled around in the bag picking through various items of make up, which we then proceeded to try on each other and generally plaster ourselves in it!

Next, each of us were given a piece of paper and asked to stand up and read what it said aloud. This was rather embarrassing as you can read on the picture!

You can imagine how cringworthy it was to hear your mum say something like this!

We then were dragged in to playing ‘Circle of Death’ which is a rather intense drinking game. You have to be very on the ball not to be stitched up, and of course, the more you have to drink, the worse at the game you get. This is all I am going to say about this game, because I don’t tolerate binge drinking or drunken people. Ahem …

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Waking up in all my clothes the wrong way round on the bed, with a bruise on my hip and on my knees was not the way I wanted this story to go, but it’s a hen weekend, what did I expect!!

Dance class with a hangover

The whole weekends plans were supposed to be unveiled to me as they happened, but Sue let slip that we had a dance class to do at 2pm. OH DEAR! I was very hungover and jumping around was not my idea of fun!

The dance teacher turned up in her lycra and looking the part, whilst I was dressed up to look like an 80s chav, with my hair in bunches and glitter on my face. This felt better when I saw what my Sister in Law had to wear, which was borderline Hooker wear. The whole group looked the part in our different takes on 80s fashion, and we proceeded to dance the afternoon away looking like idiots! There are some very bad videos floating around that I need to find and distroy!

Tudor feast and dress up

After we had all rested and taken some vitamins to try and banish any hangovers, the caterers were let in so that they could prepare a big tudor feast for us. The barn came with a big wardrobe of medieval costumes of all shapes, colours and sizes, so we donned our costumes and sat down for our feast!

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The caterers made cheese and onion tarts, roast chicken, baked potatoes, cous cous, salad, vegetable tagine, all eaten with a medieval spoon which was very hard to use!! The food was delicious and a big chocolate tart followed which was struggle to eat, but tasted heavenly!

After dinner, we sat round a TV. I was wondering what was happening as I figured there hadn’t been a Mr and Mrs quiz yet, and that is a standard thing to do on a UK hen night! My Fiances face popped up on to the screen, and then I realised that they had filmed him answering questions about me. This was a brilliant idea, because it allowed him to express his answer, and babble on and on about why he had answered the question the way he had. He likes to get his point across and this was the ideal platform!!

Each hen had a question to ask, and I would have to say what I think he answered. I got most of the questions right, which I was quite suprised about. We live and work together so I guess we know each other pretty well!!

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After the Mr and Mrs quiz was over, I was greeted on the screen by one of my best friends who now lives in New Zealand. She gave me a lovely message which was so sweet of my friends to sort out, and of course, there came the tears!

To end the night of suprises, I was presented with a photobook full of pictures of me and my friends with little messages which was really thoughtful. Something I will keep forever and show my grandchildren!

Bye Bye Milden Hall

At about 12pm, we said goodbye to the barn and made our way to Lavenham where we had a lovely Sunday lunch in a little hotel in the centre. The girls made it equally as special as the other days, by presenting me with a plate that they had all signed with a message written over the weekend secretly.

So to sum up an awesome weekend: a booze fueled, lovely, painful, heartfelt whale of a time! My Bridesmaids Fran, Fran and Jemma did an awesome job of organising the whole weekend and keeping it secret. I am a very lucky girl to have all my wonderful friends!

These pictures sum up the weekend below …

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