Real Hen Diary

Real Hen Diary

So, I blog about weddings and such like, but today it gets very real for me.

Twenty two of my close girl friends are taking me to a big barn in Suffolk for the weekend to give me a send off of a lifetime before I marry Andy, my Fiancé next month.

Now, unbeknown to me, my three Bridesmaids wanted to be very secretive about the whole event, and what you read today is literally all I know.

At two o’clock today I will get picked up and driven to Suffolk and then my life is in my friends hands.

Here are some things I am slightly worried about…

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1. They know I like to drink, but they also know I am a lightweight, so I’m hoping they feel love towards my liver and don’t make me drink too much alcohol!

2. I suffer terrible hangovers, so, see above!

3. They get me to reveal secrets and embarrassing things in front of my mum and mum in law to be.

4. They get me a stripper/butler in the buff who will want me to take his thong off with my teeth and ride me like a horse.

5. They’ll shave my eyebrows off whilst I sleep.

6. They’ll take pictures of all the above events and plaster them on facebook!

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I think that covers the main things!

So, in true journalistic spirit, when I get a chance to update you on the goings on, I will.

I am hoping I will be alive after tonight to tell the tale, but who knows!

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