Half-Decent Proposal: Planning To Pop The Question In Record Time

Half-Decent Proposal: Planning To Pop The Question In Record Time

You may very likely see guides on planning a wedding in a short timescale, but what about planning a proposal under a tight timescale? It’s a lot of stress, and, granted, it isn’t as much stress as planning a wedding. But you want everything to be perfect, how do you get it all done quickly?

Setting The Scene

If you are planning to propose very soon, no doubt there is an event that you want the proposal to mark the occasion. If it is your partner’s birthday, you may want to go to a location that is sentimental for you both, while at the same time not letting them catch on to the idea that you have something big planned! A place like the restaurant where you had your first date, somewhere you shared your first kiss, or even where you first declared your love for each other is an ideal location for the perfect proposal.

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Half-Decent Proposal: Planning To Pop The Question In Record Time

Picking The Ring

No doubt, the most stressful part of a wedding proposal is the perfect engagement ring. A lot of people are lucky enough to have received hints as time has gone on, but for those that want this to be a complete surprise, it can be a lot of legwork. The best way to pick a ring that is suitable for your partner in such a short timescale is to have a sneaky look at their jewelry when they are out of the house. You may have to be a covert spy to get this done, but you need to get a good idea of the styles and jewels that they are into, especially if you think they want a big rock when their ring collection is stylistically modest. You can have a look at websites for inspiration. If you look at Jaubalet Paris engagement rings, you can get a feel for the different types of rings that are around. It’s a very difficult thing to try and pick the jewel that is symbolic of, not just your relationship, but your partner. For example, you may want to find out their birthstone and incorporate this into the ring. But if time is of the essence, you need to act fast if you’re going for a personalized ring.

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Half-Decent Proposal: Planning To Pop The Question In Record Time

The Big Question: Do You Want Family And Friends There?

If you are planning a surprise proposal, and you want everyone there to witness the moment, it can be a logistical nightmare, especially with such short notice, but you may want to do it on an occasion like a family dinner. Or if you want the proposal to be just the two of you, you may want to have family and friends hiding out of view. If you plan on making it a big event, you need to allocate as much time as possible to plan it down to the last detail. In many ways, trying to get the family and friends together may be more difficult than the proposal itself! But for those that really want to share in the moment, they will do their utmost to be there.

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Getting to the proposal stage will feel like a major challenge all in itself, but it’s very possible to do it quickly, just make sure that you had your planning hat on. And this will serve you in good stead for the next few months, especially if you plan on having a winter wedding, as there’s only a couple of months left of the year! Good luck!

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