Have we found the best hangover cure yet?

Have we found the best hangover cure yet?

I had the pleasure of receiving three intriguing little bottles of OHAYO to test recently. It’s a drink that helps your body cope better after drinking alcohol. Just what I need after back-to-back boozy winter weddings.

It has a blend of special vitamins, electrolytes, and milk thistle and it’s formulated to rid your body of nasty toxins that alcohol brings, and to replenish important vitamins whilst you sleep. Does this mean hangovers are gone forever?

“The name, OHAYO means “good morning” in Japanese; drink it before bed, wake up happy.”

Ohayo hangover prevention drink reviewed by realwedding.co.uk

What’s in OHAYO?

  • B vitamins to fight fatigue and headaches
  • Magnesium to support your electrolyte balance
  • Potassium to help maintain a normal blood pressure
  • Milk thistle to protect and support your liver to eliminate toxins
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This drink, designed to be drunk before you go to sleep after consuming alcohol, claims to ease hangover symptoms like a dry mouth and headaches. I’m always game to try new hangover easing remedy.

What did OHAYO taste like?

Not great. I chilled a bottle before my evening on the sauce, thinking that it would probably taste a bit funky, but I gulped it down never-the-less.

Then onto the booze-induced 8 hours of deep snoozing.

How did it perform as a hangover cure?

Pretty damn great, actually. I had a clear head. Normally when I’ve been drinking alcohol, I wake up with eyes the size of peas, with a thick fog in front of my eyes for at least two hours after waking. This was a great start.

I also felt quite energised, and ready to take on my day. I was impressed.

To make my review a bit more realistic, I decided to share my three bottles to test with my brother and my husband. They had very similar views to me.

“Having got very drunk – at least 10 drinks – I drank it when I got home and felt fine in the morning. I could still feel that I’d had a drink, but had a clear head and was able to function. I need more of them!”

So, there you have it, a hangover prevention drink that actually works! If you feel compelled to, you can buy OHAYO here, or simply read more about how it works with your body to help you recover from the affects of alcohol quicker.

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Ohayo hangover prevention drink reviewed by realwedding.co.uk











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