Getting into that dress! The C9 programme – day two

Getting into that dress! The C9 programme – day two

This post is detailing day two of my Forever Aloe C9 programme. It claims to change lifelong habits by focusing on good nutrition and exersise to achieve true and lasting weight management. You can read here why I am embarking on the C9 programme, and read all about the painful pre-cleanse I endured a few days ago. Day one went well, you read about that here.

Day two, though. What a day.

I don’t want to sugar coat my C9 journey, so I’m just going to be honest about how today has felt!

I woke up really hungry having had stomach pains in the middle of the night. I figured this was all the nutritional bits and bobs doing their sweet thang, and it passed after a few minutes. The hunger, however, didn’t.

Melon and coconut for breakfast today

Melon and coconut from the free foods list for breakfast today

I felt lighter this morning, so I took a sneaky peek at the scales, even though I’m not supposed to until day 3. I lost 3lbs in 24 hours, which must have been all the retained water from a very unhealthy few days before the C9 started 😉

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I had my aloe vera gel and supplements, and also had a few slices of melon and chunks of coconut to try to reduce the feeling of hunger. I also had a fresh lemon and ginger tea and a couple of pints of water. That did the trick for a while. I threw myself into work, and made sure I was hydrating myself all morning.

Come 11am, I had to snack on some dried prunes and apricots and a handful of whole almonds as I was feeling a bit woozy. A bit more work later and BOOM, a migraine hit me and wiped me out until about 6pm.

A frozen cherry, coconut milk and vanilla protein shake

A frozen cherry, coconut milk and vanilla protein shake

Having already had lots of caffeine widthdrawal headaches last week, I knew this was different as I had the ‘aura’ associated with a migraine. Having tried to work through it, I had to take the afternoon off, and decided to go to bed with my lunchtime shake and try to sleep the migraine off. This did the trick temporarily, though I had to take some painkillers – which slightly defeats the object of a detox – but I couldn’t bare the pain. I am not sure whether the visual disturbances and the migraine were associated with the cleanse, or a coincidence, but I am now feeling much better – happy to have my brain back.

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My son came home early today as his carer was also feeling ill (what a bunch of sicknotes!), so I made him a delicious snack of a baked potato with loads of butter and cheese. Normally I would have gobbled up his leftovers, but I kept strong. I did inhale the lovely buttery steamy goodness of the potato… that’s normal, right?

For ‘dinner’ I had some carrot, celery and pepper sticks with a salsa made from chives, garlic, cherry tomatoes, chilli and basil, which was just what I needed as was craving something savoury. These veggies are all on the free foods list – my absolute saviour! For me, I find detoxes like this very hard when you have to live on a liquid diet, so the free foods list has been my favourite page of my programme. My teeth were made to chew!

A snack of carrot, celery and red pepper with fresh salsa from the free foods list

A snack of carrot, celery and red pepper with fresh salsa from the free foods list

Day 3 beckons…

Whilst my son swam around in the bath this evening, I downloaded a paleo recipe app which has inspired me to get cooking tomorrow. Day 3 means you can eat something more substantial, 600 calories worth of non-processed food! I can’t wait. I can also have two shakes rather than just one which is great news. I have been blending them up with different fruits from the free foods list, and have made some nice combos, but now I can add a few more ingredients. I’m thinking of adding natural peanut butter tomorrow, and some raw cacao. Yum. I would have to take that from my calorie allowance, but I reckon it will be worth it!

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Day two has evidently been a little up and down, and I have lacked the energy that I had yesterday. That’s probably because of the migraine, but I am so looking forward to testing my cooking creativity further with my day 3 shakes and fabulous 600 calorie meal.

I have been telling my ‘Forever Aloe coach’, Claire, that I am inspired to carry on a paleo-style diet and to try to cook more following the C9. We shall see how long the inspiration lasts, hey!

See you tomorrow!

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