Entertain Your Wedding Guests with These Fun Ideas

Entertain Your Wedding Guests with These Fun Ideas

Wedding parties are often all about the dancing.

Once everyone has eaten, the music can get going and everyone can boogie.

However, not everyone wants to spend the whole reception up on their feet, and many people aren’t too keen on dancing.

A lot of couples are also opting for longer festival-style weddings that can last several days.

No one will want to dance for that long, but you also need to make sure your guests are entertained.

Giving them things to do will ensure they don’t get bored, and it can also encourage conversation and help your two families to get to know each other.

Here are some fun ideas for things they could do.

Craft And Food Stations

One of the best things about a wedding is the food.

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You get a free meal and there are usually plenty of things to nibble on too.

As well as providing your choice of wedding breakfast, whether it’s a three-course meal, a buffet or something more creative, you can have ways for your guests to have fun with food.

Consider setting up stations where they can get creative and decorate their own cupcakes or mix toppings into different ice cream flavours.

You can do the same thing with craft stations, especially for children who might want something to do.

By Gary Johnson

Fun With Photo

Every wedding needs plenty of photos so the happy couple and their guests can remember the day.

Everyone at a modern wedding will likely have their phone with them, but there’s something much more engaging about a photo booth.

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It allows for fun group photos, your guests can play with props, and you can create a fantastic album of photos from throughout the party.

There are various products available to create the perfect booth for your wedding, including some options that have touch screens and digital enhancements.


When your guests don’t feel like dancing, they could just sit and talk to each other.

However, if you want to make sure there are other ways for them to have fun, you could consider offering some games.

A simple way to do this is to have a selection of board games on a table that anyone can pick up and play if they feel like it.

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For a retro touch, hiring arcade games gives your guests another fun way to play. It could be particularly good for a festival wedding or anywhere you have more space to work with.

Animal Fun

If you’re looking for something different, consider how to get animals involved in your wedding.

You can even hire a petting zoo for your party, providing lots of cute entertainment for your guests.

If you’re a big fan of dogs, allowing your guests to bring theirs could be a nice idea.

You could have dog sitters available to take care of them while your guests are partying to make sure they’re well behaved.

Keep your guests entertained by coming up with interesting ideas to give them a variety of options.

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