DIY wedding reception place names

DIY wedding reception place names

DIY wedding reception place names

These little tags are tiny and cute and make a creative statement when used in conjunction with sleek table linen.

You can make these yourself, but you need some time and patience!

You can either purchase the tags (which is what I did as it saves a little bit of time) or make them.

To make the tags you need:

  • Card or thick paper in colours of your choice
  • A ruler
  • A pencil
  • A guillotine or sharp scissors
  • A single hole punch

To make the tags you need to:

  • Divide your paper up in to rectangles using the pencil to lightly draw along the ruler. Be sure not to press too hard with the pencil as you don’t want this on your tags.
  • When you have got your rectangular sections, start to draw the other way to make the tags the size of your choice. The ones shown in the pics are no more than 2 inches long. Cut them to suit you.
  • When you have all the pieces cut out, cut the top corners off at an angle
  • Punch between the two corners of each tag
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You are now ready to add your letters!

DIY wedding reception place names

To add the names to the tags, you need:

  • A letter rubbing kit of your choice
  • A flat implement to rub the letters
  • A clean flat surface
  • Your guest list
  • Patience!

To add the letters, you need to:

  • Find the first person on your guest list
  • Take your letter pack, and find the first letter of your guests name
  • Start rubbing this on to the tag
  • Find the next letter, then the next … easy!

Something to consider to save your time and money: why not use peoples initials, peoples nicknames or shorten their names …

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When you have got to the end of your guest list, start to string them. You can use ribbon or string or do what I have done by popping the tag on to a string of beads.

…and you are done! Time consuming, but worth it!

DIY wedding reception place names

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